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Brunswick Secondary College

Monday 13th of May came and brought the year 8’s from Brunswick Secondary College to The Summit! The first thing the students did was get settled into their accommodation. Once, everyone was settled in, it was time to begin! The Year 8’s were introduced to The Summit Team and The Five Keys – with Day One’s focus on Have Fun, and Play All In. The next thing we learnt about was the goal setting strategy – T,S,SS Target, Stretch, Super Stretch – I know I can, I think I can, seems somewhat impossible but on my best day I could manage. The first activity, as a bit of a warm up for camp, was a Rapid Fire Scavenger Hunt. The coaches stayed at the groups’ spot and the group ran off to complete small challenges to score as many points as possible! Once all the tribes were warmed up and ready for camp, it was time for the first three rotations of activities. The year ‘s were taking on Snowy River Challenge, Giant Swing, High Wire, Laser Skirmish, Leap of Faith, Flying Fox, Inflatables, Snake & Nails, and, Summit Window. By the end of the day the tribes were known as:

  1. The Morgan’s

  2. The Warminators

  3. Nutella

  4. The Suminator Cult

  5. The A Team

  6. Squang

  7. The Gavin’s

  8. Wakanda

  9. Yeetus

Day Two started with the introduction of Morning Intentions – if you win the morning, you win the day. Moring intentions surrounded what kind of person you chose to be today. The next two keys were also a focus – Make Lots of Mistakes and Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable. The first thing to do outside was play a game of Huckle-Buckle! The year 8’s took on another three rotations of activities before lunch! After lunch was one more rotation and this is when it came time for the Monster Course! Tribes taking on the Monster Course had to carry things, throw things, drag things, dodge things, and of course, crawl through mud! The real challenge of the Monster Course was when it came to the second (surprise!) lap, how much more could you give?

Day Three, and the last day of camp, began with the introduction of the concept of being Grateful. Some amazing examples of things the year 8’s were grateful for were shared with the group. Heading out into the park, the final two rotations were completed! Before everyone knew it, it was time for lunch and to wrap up the last couple of days! Results were announced, achievements recognised. There was a small window of time when a few more games were played with some coaches while waiting for the busses to arrive. Everyone was moved to watch the value winner’s hot laps in the Tank! Then, with the busses packed, students on the buses, it was time to say goodbye!

Thank you to those who played fun and gave their best!

  • Jackie, Liv, Paul, Paula, Jamie, Kati, Kyle, Ash, Maddi, Marcus


Scavenger Hunt

  1. 270

  2. 210

  3. 50

  4. 200

  5. 190

  6. 210

  7. 320

  8. 40

  9. 210

Snowy River Challenge

  1. 33:27

  2. 27:12

  3. 29:15

  4. 32:01

  5. 22:34

  6. 14:52

  7. 15:37

  8. 23:40

  9. 17:00

Monster Course – all tribes improved! Times are the difference between the two laps

  1. 9:40

  2. 6:30

  3. 6:00

  4. 5:02

  5. 8:49

  6. 9:34

  7. 3:28

  8. 8:35

  9. 7:48

Value’s Winners

  1. Lisette

  2. Harry

  3. Bindi

  4. Rachael

  5. Archie

  6. Viet

  7. Sam

  8. Zane

  9. James

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