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Fountain Gate Secondary College

The gang from Fountain Gate Secondary arrived on Monday ready to go! They had plenty of time to settle in before getting out there.

Day 1 started with the introduction of the 5 Keys, focusing on the first two: Play All In and Have Fun.

The first two activities were the Scavenger Hunt, getting the students to run around, working as a team, to score as many points as possible. Then, it was time to take on the Abseil Wall. This was a bit of a test for some, as it pushed them out of their comfort zones. A few people even went twice they enjoyed it that much! Suddenly, it was the end of the day! Everyone had been having so much fun that time just flew by!

Day two started with the introduction of Morning Intentions: it is all about choosing who you were going to be that day. The next two Keys were also brought into focus: Make Lots of Mistakes and Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable.

The morning started with a bit of a test of nerves when we did Snake & Nails, where we walked across nails and met our permanent residents Arizona the Centralian Python. The next activity was the Leap of Faith. There was some awesome things happening with everyone who attempted the Leap pushing themselves further then they thought they could. Plus, one more activity before lunch with the Rock Wall. The boys thrived off the competition with each other, pushing themselves higher and higher! After lunch, was the Snowy River Challenge, building on that teamwork and problem solving skills – the perfect warm up for the Monster Course! The whole group really threw themselves into the Monster Course, carrying thigs, dodging, climbing, running, throwing. The Monster Course wasn’t quite done with the students, but they were more than ready to take on the second lap! The drive behind everyone being about how you do camp, is how you do in real life. It was about embracing opportunities to push one’s self even if they thought they’d given their all. You could feel the incredible energy and pride as they crossed the line for the second time!

Wednesday was the last day, and began with the introduction of Gratitude. Then came time for the Sky Bridge. Though the heavens opened up and graced us with rain, some of the group were unfazed and took on the challenge! With the sights set on an attempt at the record of 25 seconds (held by the one and only Jackie (coach)). Some really awesome attempts were made on the bridge! After the Sky Bridge, it was time for the last activity - the Flying Fox! There’s something nice about flying over the lake. Before everyone knew it, it was time for lunch and then to go home!

Tiger, TK, Brydie, and Blake were recognized for their awesome efforts throughout camp and were rewarded for it with a lap in our Army Tank!

Snowy River Challenge

- 34:03

Monster Course

- improves by: 9:27

Well done to everyone and a huge thank you for making camp so much fun!

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