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Springvale Park Special Development School

It has been a pleasure to have had the students and teachers from Springvale Park Special Development School at The Summit for their three day camp from Monday 13th-15th May. As the bus arrived, I was greeted by beautiful beaming smiles. Once settled into their accommodation, it was time to get into the camp spirit and complete an initiative, the Leaping Lilly Pads (tiles).

Scavenger Hunt was a great challenge as everyone needed to work together to find and complete a range of activities to gain points. At the end of the activities Timmay added up the points and well done to everyone, you scored 220 points. Bush Challenge had everyone climbing mud walls, entering foam pits, balancing along wire walks and find matching pairs. After all that, the tribe needed to work together to figure out the puzzle, which was the Target they were after? After dinner, it was time for a fantastic Disco party which included glow stick and crazy dance moves. Timmay even had a dance while cleaning and washing dishes.

Snake and Nails was the first activity for the second day of camp. Everyone met Mitch, the snake, and did a great job walking across a bed of nails; even the teachers had a go. Rock Wall was the activity that everyone wanted to do and try. First person up was Rylee and he was not stopping till he got to the top. This set the standard for everyone really doing their best and helping each other out on the belay device. The last activity before lunch was Abseil and everyone came and went off the abseil. Cheering each other and showing fist pump when they completed the wall. So much happiness. Monster Course was a range of different obstacles and activities. The activity everyone loved and wanted to do more of was the Ball pit. There was so much play in the ball pit and on the playground.

Last day of camp and we all went underground for The Cave. Finding our way through the darkness and in the bunker room was goal. Everyone stayed quiet and helped each other out. Tashes ladder was all about climbing high on the tower and yelling “Hello, Minions” as everyone looked so small, just like minions from the movie. At the end of camp everyone was rewarded for a great camp by Timmay’s surprise… the ride in the army tank. It was loud and it was cool.

Thank you everyone who came to the Summit camp, we all loved having you at camp and interacting with not just Timmay but also Jamie, Paul and all the other Summit coaches.

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