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Mentone Girls Secondary - School Camp 1

Mentone Girls Grammar year 8s came to the Summit for a full week, splitting into two camps.

The first camp got off to a great start with everyone getting into their tribes and creating a tribe name.

Our tribes were now called: Pipeliners, Iron Man Dies, Sloths, Summit Slayers, Gucci Patrol, UV Rhinos, Tree Warrior.

Day one was just getting used to the camp feels and giving our first two activities a red hot go.

Day two was a little more intense and action packed. We started with a fun game of Huckle-Buckle to warm us up for the day. Every tribe smashed through their activities. Around the park there was nothing but jumping, climbing, bouncing, team work and a whole lot of smiles. After lunch we played another game called strategy. Within their tribes the girls had to run around collecting as many coloured cards as they could from other tribes. In the end it was Rhinos finishing with a whopping 110 cards. Now that we were pumped and ready, it was finally time for the monster course. Two tribes at a time set off to conquer the course. There was no screams when it came time for the mud obstacles.

Everyone did a fantastic job, smashing through not one but two laps of our monster course to provide the ultimate challenge. Day two finished on a high and now it was time for hot showers and a well-deserved break.

Day three and the sun was shining for our final day on camp. Finishing off our last two activities like the pros lunch time came around too quick. After we gave you your results from the last few days, it was time to say our final goodbyes and head to the buses.

Thank you again to the girls on Mentone Camp 1, us coaches have had an absolute fantastic time with you all.

  • Liv, Jackie, Paula, Paul, Jamie, Liam and Lauren

Monster Times

1st- Pipeliners

2nd-Iron Man Dies

3rd- Sloths

4th- Summit Slayers

5th- Gucci Patrol

6th- UV Rhinos

7th- Tree Warriors

Snowy River Times

1st- Sloths

2nd- Summit Slayers

3rd- Gucci Patrol

4th Tree Warriors

5th- Iron Man dies

6th- UV Rhinos


Strategy Games Results

1st – UV Rhinos

2nd- Pipeliners

3rd- Summit Slayers

4th- Tree Warriors

5th – Iron Man

6th – Sloths

7th- Gucci Patrol

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