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Mentone Girls Secondary College - School Camp 2

Wednesday 22nd of May saw a change over for the Mentone girls, with Camp 1 leaving and Camp 2 arriving! Camp two girls first went off to their accommodation and got settled in! Camp started with the introduction of the Summit Team and the Five Keys; Have Fun, Play All In, Make Lots Of Mistakes, Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable, and, Don’t Go Home Wondering What If with a focus on the first two for Day 1. There was no rest for the girls because after hearing a harness brief, and learning the goal setting strategy Target, Stretch, Super Stretch, it was time for three rotations of activities! The first lot of five activities were High Wire, Flying Fox, Laser Skirmish, Snowy River Challenge, and Orienteering. At the end of day one, the tribes were now called:

  1. Irwin’s Eshays’

  2. Igneous Rockz

  3. Litties

  4. Sexy Sapphires

  5. JJ’s

Day 2 started with the introduction of Morning Intentions and choosing who you wanted to be that day. To get our bodies ready for the day, a game of Huckle Buckle was played. The morning started with the last of the two activities started the day before and the start of new activities all before lunch! The new activities consisted of Abseil, Sky Bridge, Tash’s Ladder, Rock Wall and Inflatables. After lunch there were two more rotations and then the Monster Course! Everyone was surprised by the unexpected introduction of the second lap but after a moment everyone was on board! It was clear to all that the girls were Getting Comfortable Being Uncomfortable as all teams dug deep and everyone improved!

Friday, Day 3, the last day of camp started with everyone being told about Gratitude and being thankful, as well as a focus on the last key, Don’t Go Home Wondering What If. The morning started with another game, this time with a game of chance: Giants, Wizards, Dwarfs. The last two rotations finished off the morning before heading back to the lodge for lunch, final GMIC’s, wrap up and results, and then onto the busses headed for home!

Thank you for a fun couple of days!

  • Jackie, Liv, Kate, Kyle, Marcus


Snowy River Challenge

  1. 26:24

  2. 28:37

  3. 37:27

  4. 24:03

  5. 18:56

Monster Course – Improvement Times

  1. 7:16

  2. 12:13

  3. 6:01

  4. 6:56

  5. 7:17


  1. Mia

  2. Georgie

  3. Chloe

  4. Zoe

  5. Karli & Ayla

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