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McClelland College Blog Camp 1

It has been a pleasure to have the students and teachers from McClelland College. The first three day camp of two camps for the week, the students were eager to get into the first of ten activities for their camp. Tribe names were formed and were no longer known as tribe 1, 2 etc. - Welcome to Yeah the boys, Badges, Reedy’s Eshay, 14 Funky Potatoes and Karingal Stone Cats.

Cave had tribe members go underground to find their way through the cave to a bunk room, the thought of going into the unknown was the challenge for this activity. Rockwall and Tash’s Ladder saw student embrace their first high activity either scaling a Rock Wall of their choice or the Ladder that extended towards the sky. There was so much bravery and support around this tower for the entire five rotations of activities. Photo Scavenger Hunt and Bush Challenge were the first of the tribe challenge where the tribe with the fastest time (Bush challenge) or the most points (Photo Scav) won. The results from these activities were: Bush Challenge - Reedy Eshay 38.00, Karingal Stone Cats 29.34, Badges 22.25, 14 Funky Potatoes 21.30 and winning was Yeah the Girls with a time of 21.25. Photo Scavenger Hunt: 14 Funky Potatoes 540, Karingal Stone Cats 660, Yeah the Girls 690, Badges 750 and winning was Reedy Eshay with 960.

For the second half of camp activities, there were three high activities, all with different challenges. Giant Swing was all about releasing that fear as your tribe member helped you get to the height you wanted to. Leap of Faith was the activity that took mental strength to leap off the platform for either the bar or stepping off. Summit Window was the highest of all the activities. This saw students take in the view from the top of the big tower and lean back to let go of everything while being encouraged to take their hands off. Snake and Nails was a challenge to over-come fear, by touching a snake or walking across the bed of nails. Monster Course was the last of the tribe challenges. Every tribe improved their times. Karingal Stone Cats improved by 6.45, 14 Funky Potatoes improved by 6.50, Yeah the Girls improved by 7.15, second place went to Reedy Eshay with an improvement of 7.49 and winning was Badges with improvement of 8 .37. Well done to all tribes!

To finish off camp each tribe voted for a member who lived by the five keys of camp, Have Fun, Play All In, Make Lots of Mistakes, Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable and Not leaving Camp wondering What If. Congratulations to Mia, Tahlia, Callum, Emma, Enend and Taylon. Thank you everyone who came to the Summit. Remember to stay connected with your stay connected cards.

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