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McClelland College Camp

After a great start to the week with the first half of McClelland year sevens there was a great buzz as the second half arrived at The Summit for their camp. After getting settle into accommodation and getting ready for camp it was time to meet the coaches. Timmay, Paul, Paula Jamie, Madz and Steph were the legends you would be with over your camp.

Tribe names were the fun after the first rotation of activities, with some quirky names of tribes. Welcome to the Chisels, Plastics, Mickey Mouse Club House, Cool Nickels Club and the Potatoes.

Like the first half of the weekend the activities were to be the same to keep it consistent with both camps. Results from the bush challenge were this as the top three: plastics with 29.43, with Mickey Mouse Club House in second with 28.24, winning were Cool Nickels Club with a great time of 17.21.

There were so many great moments in camp (GMIC) and it was so nice to hear them being read out during meal times. Well done to all the recipients of a GMIC. Monster was sometimes tough but what we learnt was resilience and to get comfortable being Uncomfortable as well as learning from our mistakes. The Monster was all about working on improving your first lap to the second lap being the best improved tribe meant you won the Monster Course. Here are the results from the Monster Course; Chisels improved by 1.06, Plastics improved by 4.33, Cool Nickels Club had an improvement of 8.07, Potatoes had a great improvement of 10.10 but just fell short of winning with Mickey Mouse Club House improving by 12.53 and being the outright winnings.

Values winners from each tribe were acknowledged at the end of camp for living by the five keys of camps. Congratulations to Steph, Lochlan, Min Min, Riley and Flic who were all great at camp and tribe legends for their tribes. From everyone at The Summit, we look forward to seeing you back here either with school, sports club, family or running around during the Summit Survivor.

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