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Brighton Secondary College

It was an epic five days we had with Brighton’s first week of camp.

You arrived on the Monday and so did a months worth of rain, but that wouldn’t stop us. We braved the rain as we had a day of initiatives to form our tribes and establish our tribe names. Our tribes were now called: Get Hunted, Pixie, Jim, Kawomba, Evan’s Possie and Tribe Seven.

Now that we had warmed up to camp we started day two off with our first lot of activities. These were: Summit Window, Inflatables, Leap of Faith, Laser Skirmish, Bush Challenge and Flying Fox. Everyone was having fun at Laser, Fox and Inflatables. Bush Challenge had team putting their heads together to get through the mini obstacle course. Over at the Big Tower there was no hesitation when it came to Leap of Faith and Summit Window, everyone was letting go and leaping towards their goals.

Hump day at The Summit, we polished off our last two activities. After lunch we played a game to get us moving; strategy games had tribe vs tribe to see who could steal every other tribes cards. We then moved into our next lot of activities. Now we had Abseiling, Giant Swing, Cave, Highwire, Snowy River Challenge and Sky Bridge. We spent the afternoon challenging ourselves on these new activities.

Thursday and day four of camp, the week was flying. We completed another two activities before lunch, then prepared ourselves for the epic afternoon we had planned. Before Monster we got everyone pumped up by having three rounds of tribe challenges. These three rounds consisted of Dodge Ball, Norts and Crosses and Tug of War. Every tribe was fired up when it came for their turn to compete, that’s how we knew that you were all ready for the ultimate challenge; The Monster Course. We set off from the stage and ran our epic course not once BUT twice. Despite the cold and rain every tribe took this challenge head on, the coaches were absolutely blown away with the display of team work and support you all had for each other. No one was left behind and you all pushed to the end in the tough conditions.

Friday and sadly the last day of camp. With two more activities to go we were still going to finish strong. With so much to celebrate over the last five days, we all gathered together one last time to wrap up camp. At this time we also acknowledged selected people from each tribe who had lived by our five Summit keys.

From there is was sadly time to say our final goodbyes.

Us, coaches, can't thank you enough, Brighton, you have been absolutely amazing and we have enjoyed every minute of camp with you all.

Bush Challenge Results

1st- Gregs Kitchen

2nd-Tribe Seven


4th- Evans Possy

5th-Jim’s Tribe


Snowy River Challenge Results

1st- Evan’s Possy



4th-Jim’s Tribe

5th- Tribe Seven

6th- Gregs Kitchen

Monster Course Results (Based on improvement times)

1st- Greg’s Kitchen

2nd- Kowomba

3rd- Pixies

4th- Evan’s Possy

5th- Tribe Seven

6th- Jim’s Tribe

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Thank you again to Brighton for an awesome week!

  • Liv, Timmy, Paul, Paula, Kati and Jamie

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