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Rangeview Primary School

On Monday the 3rd of June, the students and teachers from Rangeview Primary School arrived at The Summit for their five day camp. It was a welcome back to a lot of returning teachers and a special guest visit from Mrs Natolli on Wednesday.

Camp may have started a little wet, but this did not stop everyone “having fun” and coming up with their tribe name for camp. It was no longer tribe 1, 2, etc but Space Potatoes, Rainbow Chickens, Wasabi Potatoes and Pineapples. Two initiatives were to start off the camp activities followed by the first of the rotations of activities. Bush Challenge was one of the first tribe challenge as well as the Photo Scavenger Hunt. Results for the Bush were as follows: Pineapples took 37.43, Rainbow Chickens took 35.28, Wasabi Potatoes took 31.19 and winners were the Space Potatoes who took 29.45 to complete the course. With the Photo scavenger hunt , Space Potatoes were the only team to take on the rain and still managed 380 points, with Pineapples scoring 500 points, Wasabi Potatoes scoring 700 points and winning was Rainbow Chickens who scored 750 points. Well done. Laser skirmish was such a hit with everyone so much so that there had to be a teachers/ Summit game on Wednesday night. Inflatables was just all round fun with foosball and adrenalin rush obstacle course to play on.

Orienteering was all about the team work in find markers around the camp and coming back to solve worddles (word puzzles). Rock wall and Tash’s ladder had participant climbing to new heights as they scaled the rock wall and climbed towards the sky on the Tash’s ladder. Fergus was sensational in his support of his tribe while doing and support on the rock wall. Cave was a great activity taking students into the darkness and the unknown. All these activities took everyone to start to “Play all in” and really be a part of their tribes when the tribe needed them too. Highwire was a great balance and trust activity. Flying fox had everyone soaring through the air like birds, through trees and over the lake. Summit window was the highest activity for the camp but the view was worth going to the top of the tower. Snake and nails was something unique as it is not often you get the opportunity to hold a snake and walk across the bed of nails.

Abseil was another trip to the top of the big tower before repelling down to the cheers of the tribe. Leap was also at the big tower as many took the leap of faith to try getting the monkey bar or just stepping off. Angus and Hailey were the first boy and girl to reach the bar and hang upside down. Sky Bridge was the wobbly bridge with fear of falling but being safe at the same time. Giant swing was the thrill and high light for most, the free falling feeling and giant swing was fun to do and watch others scream. Each tribe created their tribe flag to bring back to school just before the Monster course, the course which challenged everyone. The results from the Monster course were impressive with every tribe improving by at least 2.34. fourth went to Wasabi Potatoes with a 2.34 improvement, Space Potatoes improved by 7.10, Rainbow Chickens improved by 8.10 but winning was Pineapple with an improvement of 9.20. Well done.

At the end of camp each tribe member voted for someone in their tribe who lived by the five keys: Have Fun, Play All In, Make lots of mistakes, Get Comfortable being Uncomfortable and Don’t Go Home Wondering What if. These individuals were rewarded with a hot lap in the WWII Summit Army tank. Congratulations to Ameli, Jordy, Holly, Miah, Angus and Caitlin. All were brilliant throughout camp. Remember to stay connected with The Summit.

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