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Concord School

It has been a pleasure to have the students and teachers from Concord School at The Summit for their first camp here with us. They arrived at The Summit on Wednesday 12th June and were ready for an action packed camp.

After settling in to camp and introducing the Summit staff it was time to get into tribe groups and come up with a tribe name. Bob the Builders, A-Team and Unknowns were their names the tribe came up with.

Abseiling was the highest activity the students would down as they climbed the 20 metre tower to then go down the abseil wall with Timmay encouraging them from the top and their tribe encouraging from the bottom of the tower. Tash’s Ladder was a 15 meter climb up ladders to then take your hands off to wave to everyone down below guided by Paula. Paul was the coach on the Bush challenge, where students completed a small obstacle course.

Laser Skirmish was a lot of fun with teams getting to play in a laser tag field and pretend they were army people. Flying fox was a highlight for a lot of students as they got to soar through the air and over trees and over the lake like a bird. Leap of faith was thrilling and scary at the same time as students took the leap of faith off the side of the big tower with the opportunity to jump for a monkey bar and pretend to be spider man. Monster course was the opportunity to get muddy and wet, no one took this more than Jai who was the real mud monster even showing the other school how it was done while they did the 100’s. Timmay was crying because he was laughing so hard. After the course those who wanted to, had fun in the mud mound as they all became mud monsters.

Camp finished with each tribe voting for a member who lived the five keys (Have Fun, Play All In, Make Lots of Mistake, Get Comfortable Being uncomfortable and Don’t go home wondering what If). The person who was voted for got a ride in the Summit WWII Army tank and drove over a crushed car. Well done to Sam, Kade, Abe and bonus vote Ryan.

Thank you everyone who came to The Summit from Concord School. We look forward to seeing you back at the camp in the near future.

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