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Geelong High School

Geelong High School made the long trek to The Summit for an intense 2 day camp.

With a lot to do in such a short period of time we dove straight into day one. This included a massive day of four activities and a giant Monster Course at the end of the day. Our activities that we would be doing for our camp were: Summit Window, Giant Swing, Cave, Sky Bridge, Inflatables and Snowy River Challenge.

Everyone was having a great time at each of the activities, some people even trying to set some records on activities. Tyler from Crazy Horses did just that by running the Sky Bridge in 25 seconds. The afternoon rolled around so quickly, and it was time to see what these year 12s were made of. The only way we coaches knew how to do that was to push them through our awesome Monster Course not once, BUT TWICE. Everyone rose to the challenge that we gave them, not to mention the incredible support and encouragement that every tribe gave to one another.

Day one was almost coming to an end, but before everyone clocked off for the night we had some fun playing Minute to Win it. We were very impressed with the amount of energy you all still had after such a big day.

FRIYAY and final day of camp. Today we finished off our remaining two activities. To no surprise you all killed it and still kept up an amazing amount of energy to the end.

Before you all said your goodbyes, we did have one more surprise left. Some lucky tribe members were celebrated for their efforts on camp and were rewarded with a ride in our WWII army tank! Well done to Martin, Olivia, Ayla, Zac.F, Faith, Aleaya, Kye Johnson.

Thank you again to Geelong High School for coming to The Summit, Playing hard and having all the fun.

Good luck with the rest of the year.

  • Liv, Maddi, Ash, Jackie, Kati and Jamie


Snowy River times

1st- Dream team 17.15min

2nd-Dardens Birthday 21.15min

3rd-Wakunda 21.18min

4th-Crazy Horses 22.17min

5th- Wendy’s 23.20min

6th- Kesh Babes 32.26min

Monster Course improvement times

1st- Darden’s Birthday -10.30min

2nd- Dream Team -9.20min

3rd- Wendy’s -6min

4th- Crazy Horses -4.50min

5th- Wakunda – 3.34min

6th- Kesh Babes

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