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East Preston Islamic College – Boys

Wednesday saw the changeover for East Preston Islamic College; The Summit said goodbye to the Girls, and said hello to the Boys! Everyone hit the ground running and after introductions, learning the Five Keys – Have Fun, Play All In, Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable, Make Lots of Mistakes, and, Don’t Go Home Wondering What If , as well as our goal-setting strategy, Target, Stretch, Super Stretch - it was time for our first activities.

Camp started with Bush Challenge and High Wire! Bush Challenge lived up to its name, being the first time the Tribes had to work together to get through all the activities. High Wire was the first taste of heights for everyone, and gave us all a benchmark to reach when it came to pushing ourselves on the next height activity. By the end of the day, the two tribes were now known as:

Tribe 1: Hypothermia

Tribe 2: Summit Goose

Day Two started with a game of Huckle Buckle before heading into two new activities; Giant Swing and The Cave. The Giant Swing could only work with everyone coming together to achieve a common goal. The Cave was a test of courage and a little bit of discipline. After lunch, there was a rotation of new activities – Leap of Faith and Laser Skirmish. While Laser Skirmish was there for the fun, Leap of Faith was another challenge for those who weren’t so confident with heights! After that rotation, it was time for the Monster Course! Both tribes gave their all and just when they thought they were all done, it was time for the second lap! One tribe really showed determination and resilience completing the second lap while certainly Having Fun and Playing All In as a really important part of life.

Friday started much the same as Thursday – with a game of Jockeys. Morning held our last rotation for camp. And before we knew it, camp was done! Back at the Lodge, all the finishing touches were given to camp. Results announced, thank you’s said, bus packed. Just before the final goodbyes were said, our Values Winners got to ride in our Army Tank!

Thank you to all the boys for all the challenges, laughs and fun!

  • Jackie & Paul


Bush Challenge:

Tribe 1) 19:21

Tribe 2) 23:50

Monster Course:

Tribe 2) 8:20 improvement

Values Winner:

Tribe 1) Joseph N

Tribe 2) Hamza N

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