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Why School Camps are Necessary

School Camp is a great opportunity for kids to get out of the classroom and learn from a different perspective. They are great for the kids to also gain new interests, grow friendships and develop new skills but camps need to strive for MORE.

Students should walk away from camp knowing how to;

- Work through a challenge,

- Stretch past their fears

- Trust themselves

- Challenge their thoughts,

- Feel capable of achieving their Goals

Camp will undoubtedly be fun with smiles & laughter guaranteed but under the surface a great camp will be striving for MORE if they want to make a positive impact on the students.

Fear & Doubt affect our minds in everyday life and it starts from a young age. Through structured & unstructured opportunities at camp we can encourage our kids to grow, we can empower them and we can help change the conversations in their minds so that they can be their BEST Self.

At The Summit, we are known for Unleashing Greatness in our students, it is the biggest outcome we base our programs on. Most students have goals, but they tend to pick goals that they know they can achieve.

You know you are Unleashing Greatness in students when you are encouraging them to seek 'more' from themselves, this feeling of 'more' will be accompanied by a bit of fear, nervousness and even struggle, however this is when you know that something GREAT is coming up.

When nerves & excitement come together that is when you UNLEASH GREATNESS!

Our programs at The Summit have been developed in consultation with some of the countries leading Psychologists, Life Coaches, Outdoor Education Experts, Motivational Speakers and Sport and Recreation Specialists. We are exceptionally proud and excited to be able to offer an extraordinary program designed to unleash greatness!

​Our team of coaches will custom design you the perfect mix of fun, laughs and great memories all while teaching how to strive for MORE.

If you are wanting more than a "standard camp experience", then you must experience our multi-award winning venue & program.

Our A-team will help you create your desired program within your budget

Give us a CALL (03) 5633 3236 or Click HERE to enquire now

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