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After the long drive from Robinvale to Trafalgar East, the students and teachers from St Mary’s Robinvale arrived at The Summit for their 5 day camp. Everyone got settled into their cabins and ready for a nice dinner before the next few days of activities and adventures.

Bush challenge was the first of the tribe challenges, and Tic Tocs set the time to beat with an impressive 22.50 only to be outdone by the Underdogs who completed the course in 20.42. Mentions need to be made about the effort of Riley, Massimo, Pasquale, Laisa and Junior for their tribe as well as Pala, Tap and Ant for their tribe. Flying Fox saw everyone flying through the air and across the lake like birds with screams of joy and thrills filling the camp. Cave saw everyone venture underground and find their way through the unknown to a bunk room. There were definitely some laughs in their hearing some of the voices, songs and screams in the darkness of those coming through. Highwire challenged everyone to climb a tree and walk out to the middle along the wire to meet up with a friend. There was a lot of trust shown as each person climbed both on the climber and the belay team.

Snake and Nails was a chance to challenge the fear of pain and snakes. Everyone was able to walk across the bed of nails, encouraging and supporting each other as they walked. The snake (Arizona) was an exciting and nervous challenge for a lot of people. Miss Mitchell showed so much courage to hold Arizona thanks to the help and encouragement of the tribe when it was her turn. Abseiling had everyone leaning of the big tower to then lower themselves down to the awaiting applause of their tribe member when they reached the ground. Sienna was amazing at controlling her emotions as she well and truly pushed herself to her super stretch to complete the Abseil.

The Giant Swing got the heart racing as each tribe had the opportunity to pull their tribe member 22.5 metres in the air to then release themselves as they swang to the mega height of heights. Lots of screams happened (not sure if it was joy or scare or maybe both) from most that went of the swing but laughs at the screams were also had. Snowy River challenge was the second of the tribe challenges and it was again quiet close in the times. After completing the course the tribe then also had to have 5 people go through the Wombat Hole with every additional person gaining 30 seconds of, if they went through. The times were: - Tic Tocs 15.40 only to be beaten by Underdogs 14.47.

Summit Window was the highest of the challenges. The freedom of leaning back from the pole on top of the big tower and letting go was “freaky” for some and relaxing for others. The view was definitely worth going up for. Inflatables were a whole lot of fun, playing human foosball or racing each other through the Adrenalin Rush. Monster course was muddy, wet and fun, and everyone really pushed for the win. Remember it was not about the other team but about yourself and being the best you could be. The winners were Underdogs who improved by 7.21 only 2.19 behind was Tic Tocs who improved by 5.02.

Rock wall was a great challenge by choice with the option of four choices across two walls there was always a challenge for everyone. Brilliant efforts from everyone with some getting so close to the top of the overhang wall and some reaching the top of the rock wall. Tyre wall was the most popular challenge with the tyre moving it made for a great physical challenge. Leap of Faith was exactly that and so many took their own leap of faith to either step off, jump for the bar or even hang upside down. Sky Bridge was all about your journey to where you want to go, and that it will not always easy or smooth sailing but will be worth it when you get there. Laser was all about FUN!!!. Lots of trash talking fun from all who played and stats did not really matter but there was some strategies used to win games. At the end of camp you each voted for you values winner. Well done to Riley, Alanna, Pala and DJ who were rewarded with the ride in the army tank. Thank you everyone for coming to The Summit. Thank you, also for allowing Steph and I to come to the movies with you, we appreciated it. We look forward to seeing again!!!

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