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Rushworth P-12 College

On Wednesday, some of the Year 9 & 10’s made the trek to The Summit, brining laughter and enthusiasm, and also some great weather! The camp started with some introductions, a few jokes, and an awesome group of people ready to have some fun! The Five Keys were the perfect setup to make camp super cool and hectic as: Have Fun, Play All In, Make Lots of Mistakes, Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable, and, Don’t Go Home Wondering What If!

The camp started with a bit of a warm up with Tiles, a few other key pieces of information including the goal setting strategy: Target, Stretch, Super Stretch, and after, it was time to get into the first activity! The Flying Fox was a great start to camp, with everyone having fun and even the teachers got in on the action! Special thank you Liv for helping catch. Next up was the Bush Challenge. The teamwork, determination and problem solving skills showed by everyone was epic. It was so evident that even though it was the second rotation in, everyone was already playing on such a high level. The desire to do better was so strong, that everyone wanted to do it again, to see just how fast they could complete the course! It was incredible to watch, and just showed that everyone was more than up for the challenges The Summit could throw at them! Before we knew it, the day was over.

Day two started with the introduction of Morning Intentions and choosing who you wanted to be for the day. The day then had everyone up by playing a game of Huckle Buckle! Then it was off to the cave. The cave was a test of nerves for some, being pitch black and a solo journey to the end. After the cave, it was on to High Wire. This was another challenge for some, particularly those nervous around heights. The High Wire is also a big teamwork activity, as no one can climb without having three belayers on the rope. There were no moments where there wasn’t anyone not willing to grab the rope and help belay. The last rotation before lunch, everyone headed up for all the fun at Inflatable City. Starting with some human-sized foosball and then onto the relay race Adrenaline Rush Challenge. The competition really heated up while shooting for goals or willing team members to get through as fast as they could! Lunch time came and it was the perfect opportunity to refuel for the large afternoon ahead!

Summit Window saw that comfort zone being pushed and it wasn’t just the students pushing themselves, the teachers also swallowed their fears and gave it their best attempt. It was then, time to take on the Monster Course! Being the most teamwork based activity, the Rushworth gang were more than ready to tackle whatever it could throw their way! It started with filling a bucket until it was overflowing, grabbing three tires, linking, some charades, catching tennis balls in nets, moving more tires, a bit of dodging and balancing, a couple of Frisbees, ducking a log, some mud angles, a pit of balls, up and under some walls, a mud crawl, walk up a wall, and through some muddy mounds. It was amazing to watch all the team come together and work hard to get the job done. Though we weren’t quite finished yet! Lap Two came as a small surprise as before it was even mentioned, people were asking to do it again! Lap two while challenging, didn’t slow down the gang, and really highlighted the incredible teamwork and effort from everyone!

Day three started with a bit of gratitude and being thankful for the things everyone had in their life. It was then game time and Jockeys had everyone up and running (and a couple slipping) to get their bodies ready for the last two activities! The first of the last was the Giant Swing and again, the whole team was flawless coming together to get every single swing to the very top! Even those who weren’t the biggest fan of heights made it to the top. The very last activity was Laser Skirmish. No holds barred and no one was safe when out on the laser field. Due to uneven teams, the coach Jackie, even went in on the action! After two fun, intense, laughter filled rounds, it was the end of camp. Lunch was eaten, results were announced, the tank was ridden, and then it was time to get on the bus and head back to school!

I cannot thank every single person who came on camp enough! Watching you all work hard and play harder was truly incredible. If I could bottle what I saw during all the activities and sell it, I’d make loads. So Baylee, Baxter, Brad, Ebony, Hailey, Kahlea, Kannika, Luke, Mario, Matthew, Megan, Sophie, Tayla, and Curtis & Kelly, you all were amazing to work with and to be around and I could not be more proud of you!!

Stay hectic!

  • Jackie


Bush Challenge:

Lap 1) 24:04

Lap 2) 10:36

Difference= 13:28

Monster Course:

Lap 1) 31:50

Lap 2) 26:50

Difference= 6 minutes

Value Winners:





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