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Lumineer Academy

Monday the 29th of July saw the students and teachers from Lumineer Academy attend their 3 day camp at The Summit. With some much energy and plenty of question on “what are we doing next “, there was no time to waste as each tribe began with an initiative and finding their tribe name. Wakunda and Armadillos were formed.

Bush Challenge was first of the tribe/timed challenges, where you had to work together to move through the course in the fastest possible time, while collect the puzzle pieces to complete a puzzle at the end. Wakunda went first and completed the course in 29.25. The Armadillos completed the course second and they got a time of 25.38 giving them the win for the course. Flying Fox saw everyone soaring through the trees and across the lake to the landing platform. Phoebe was so brave with her effort on the Flying Fox with the great support of her tribe.

Inflatables was so much fun for everyone, with everyone being the player of a human size foosball table, there were goals being scored left, right and centre. The second part of Inflatables was the adrenalin rush, which saw a tag team race style challenge through the inflatable course. There were some speed demons zooming through the course. Giant Swing was the highest activity everyone would try. With the help of their tribe members each pair was able to go to their desired height and release themselves, sometimes with a scream of excitement and sometimes with fear. Everyone did so well of the Giant Swing.

Rock Wall had multiple choices on what wall you could attempt and what difficulty you would like to choose for yourself. Steffi gave it her very best of the rock wall, doing all she could to get as high as she could. Gus was amazing reaching the top of the overhang wall and then also coaching others to get their best of the same wall. Photo Scavenger hunt had tribe running all over the camp, trying to find object and complete task to gain points. The Wakunda tribe managed to get 540 points for the Scavenger Hunt, with Armadillos scoring 680 points for the efforts. Monster Course was activity everyone was waiting for - perfect excuse to get muddy, wet, dirty, while having lots of fun doing the course brought some excellent energy. Everyone thought the Monster Course was a race between tribes, where in fact it was a race within your tribes to be the best you could be as an individual and as a tribe. Both tribes improved their times by at least 5.55, which were Armadillos and improving their time by 8. 12 were Wakunda.

Laser Skirmish and Tash’s Ladder finished off camp for activities. Tash’s ladder saw you climb the small tower to then climb up the vertical ladder to a height of 12.5 metres to say hello to the little ‘Minions’ on the ground. Laser was all about having fun and getting your inner army person on, shooting and ducking behind barriers. At the end of camp, each tribe voted for a person in their tribe who lived the five keys: HAVE FUN, PLAY ALL IN, MAKE LOTS OF MISTAKES, GET COMFORTABLE BEING UNCOMFORTABLE and NOT LEAVING WONDERING WHAT IF”. These people were rewarded with ride in The Summit WWII army tank. Congratulations to Indy and Lucy for your amazing efforts throughout camp. A special mention has to go to Inez, for always giving such nice feedback to your tribe after each activity, always leading the ‘Shout Outs” to everyone.

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