Newhaven College

August 7, 2019


We were super excited to have an epic week with Newhaven’s year eights and getting off the bus on Monday, everyone seemed super keen for the week ahead.


Day One:

Today our focus was Have Fun and, boy, did we live up to our first key. There were games happening everywhere you turned. Clap ball, Ga Ga ball, Kings basketball, Gumboot bowling, you name it, and we were playing it. After our afternoon break we went into our first activity. It was a crusiey first day at The Summit although from here it was only going to get more wild and epic.


Day Two & Three:

On Tuesday and Wednesday we had massive days planned. Smashing through five activities on each day. Tuesday morning we started the day off with a huge game of Jockeys and then jumped straight into our activities. Wednesday we played 50 up and gave you all the extra challenge of trying to keep two balls up in the air. Wednesday we finished off our first lot of activities which included: Cave, Leap of Faith, Summit Window, High Wire, Snake and Nails, Orienteering, Sky Bridge and Snowy River Challenge. By morning tea break we were ready to jump into our next lot of  new activities. This time we had Abseiling, Giant Swing, Scavenger Hunt, Rock Wall, Bush Challenge, Laser Skirmish, Flying Fox and Inflatables. Everyone was super excited to get stuck into these new activities to see what they could achieve.


Day Four:

By far the best day at The Summit. ITS MONSTER DAY! Smashing through yet another three activities, it was time to spend the afternoon strategizing and putting ourselves through the ultimate team challenge. After lunch we played three rounds of strategy games, everyone was loving running around trying to collect all the cards from other tribes. In the end it was Alpha Crew which took out the victory with a total of 136 cards. From there it was game faces on and straight into our epic Monster Course. Everyone did such an amazing job working together to complete the course. To make it even more challenging and to see what everyone still had to offer, we ran the course for a SECOND time. This time our focus was on improving from our first time and every single team achieved this goal, such incredible efforts from everyone.


Day Five:

Friday came around all to quickly and I do not think The Summit coaches were ready to say goodbye to the awesome year eights of New Haven. Just like every other day we crushed our last two activities, finishing camp just like we started... EPIC. After lunch we wrapped up this amazing experience with some lucky tribe members having a ride in our WWII Army Tank. Well done to Saffi, Faith, Blake, Amara, Charlie Swan, Tom Cripps, Tess and Oscar. From there it was time to say our final goodbyes to the coaches and get in the bus home.


Thank you again to Newh


aven College for making this camp one to remember. We hope you had as much fun as we did.


  • Liv, Maddi, Matt, Jackie, Kyle, Steph, Ash, Liam, Cam, Marcus, Phoebe, Talia and Erin.




Bush Challenge

Alpha Crew- 24.26min

Goats- 38.00min

Froth Gods-29.00min

Dingle Berries-16.08min (1ST)

E for Idiots-35.28min

Formattable Fruit Loops- 21.53min (2nd)

Three Gs- 24.57min

Mad Hughies- 23.29min (3rd)


Snowy River Challenge

Alpha Crew- 23.01min


Froth Gods-25.38min

Dingle Berries-20.31min (3rd)

E for Idiots-12.47min (1st)

Formattable Fruit Loops- 18.37min (2nd)

Three Gs- 25.11min

Mad Hughies- 23.56min


Strategy Games

Alpha Crew- 136 (1st)


Froth Gods- 116 (2nd)

Dingle Berries- 111

E for Idiots- 86

Formattable Fruit Loops- 87

Three Gs-113 (3rd)

Mad Hughies- 100


Monster Course Improvement

Alpha Crew- 5.26min


Froth Gods-1.59min

Dingle Berries-10.40min (1st)

E for Idiots- 5.00min

Formattable Fruit Loops- 3.40min

Three Gs- 5.34min (3rd)

Mad Hughies-  7.13min (2nd)

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