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Ilim College Boys Campus

The year 12 boys from Ilim College arrived at The Summit on Wednesday 31st July for their three day camp. As it was to be their last school camp a lot of the focus was team building and making the most of the time they have together for the remainder of the year.

The camp started with each tribe coming up with their tribe names, Blue Berry Mint and Lion Pride were the names they were to be called. Snowy River Challenge and Leap of Faith were the lead off activities, one being about the tribe team effort( Snowy), the other being about taking the leap (leap of faith). With snowy the winners were the Lion Pride who took 24.52 to complete the course with Blue Berry Mint not far behind in 25.03.

Sky Bridge and Cave were the activities to start day two, the sky bridge representing the unease of the journey of life and that if you fall you need to get back up and keep moving forward no matter what it takes. Cave was about going into the unknown, the darkness of what the future holds once you have finished school. High Wire and Summit Window were the final two activities before the Monster Course. High Wire required team assistance and trust to get you to the wire and walk out to meet up with a partner and attempt to lye balanced on the wire. Summit Window saw you reach to the highest activity at The Summit and let go physically and metaphorically as you take in the view around you.

Monster Course was challenge in which a lot of people needed to find their inner warrior and push place the feeling of being uncomfortable as you battled your way through the course. Those completed the course the fastest and improved by the most would be crowned champions, so congratulations to Lion Pride who improved by 5. 45 just ahead of Blue Berry Mint who improved by 5. 32.

To finish of camp each tribe voted for an individual who represented the five keys the best and would be rewarded with a ride in the army tank. Congratulations to Abdib and Ennis for you efforts throughout camp.

All the best for your future endeavours and we look forward to seeing you back at The Summit in the near future.

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