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Harkaway Primary School

On Monday the 5th August, the grade 5/6 students and their teachers arrived at The Summit for their three day camp. With all the excitement building there was no time to waste as the students would break off into their tribe groups and come up with their tribe names. Apollo, Tall Donkey and Risk Takers were the names of the tribes. Each tribe began their first rotations of activities, Either Flying Fox, Laser Skirmish or Bush Challenge. It was so cool flying through the air and over the lake. Laser was the inner army person and team trash talk. Bush challehge was the first of the tribe vs. tribe challenges. The winner of the bush was Apollo with a time of 30 15, followed by Risk Takers in 43. 46 and third went to Tall Donkey in 55.35.

Tash’s Ladder was the 12 metre high climb up the vertical ladder to then take your hands off if you wanted to. Some really big stretches and super stretches were shown on this. The cave was the activity to step into the darkness and the unknown as you walked through to a bunker room to find your friends. There was a lot of bravery shown to give it a go and keep going. Giant Swing was certainly a highlight for so many people as you dropped from a possible height of 22.5 metres on the swing once you released yourself and your partner. This all was thanks to your tribe who pulled you up to your chosen height. There were lots of screams of excitement and fear, mostly from the teachers and parent helpers.

The Monster Course was wet, muddy and sometimes even cold. This did not stop the amazing efforts of everyone who battled through to give the course a red hot go. After completing the first lap it was straight out to a second lap to beat your own time. The winners would be the tribe who beat the first time by the most. The results were close, with Apollo improving by 7.50, Risk takers improving by 10.43 and winning was the Tall Donkey who improved by 17.03.

Finishing off camps three activities were Inflatables, Leap of Faith and Snowy River Challenge. Inflatables had everyone as human foosball players, on the soccer fields scoring goals, with adrenalin really getting the heart going in tag team races through the inflatable obstacle course. Leap of faith showed you could leap off the tower for the monkey bar and attempt to catch the bar, before lowering down to the safety of the ground. Snowy River was the last of the tribe vs. tribe challenges in a small obstacle challenge. Tall Donkey came in third with a time of 46.32, with Apollo coming second in a time of 30.49 and winning were Risk takers in 30.24. At the end of camp you all voted for someone in your tribe who lived the keys, this person would be rewarded for their efforts with a ride in the army tank. Well done to Declan, Jonathan and Hayden for your efforts.

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