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Victoria University Secondary College

Wednesday brought a selection of year 9’s from Victoria University Secondary College. We started with getting to know the five keys: Have Fun, Play All In, Make Lots Of Mistakes, Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable and, Don’t Go Home Wondering What If. Target, Stretch, Super Stretch was also introduced. First off was an initiative and then the next challenge was choosing team names. We ended with:

  1. VU Summit Squad

  2. Team No Tiles

  3. Faze

  4. Pepsi Max

The rest of day one saw two rotation of Leap Of Faith, Bush Challenge, Laser Skirmish and, Rock Wall.

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Day two’s morning started with the introduction of morning intentions and choosing the type of person everyone wanted to be that day. The first two rotations finished the set of first activities. The third rotation saw the introduction of the next set of activities: Giant Swing, Inflatables, Cave and, Snake & Nails. After lunch was round two of new activities. Then came time for the Monster Course! The Monster Course saw everyone carrying tyres, throwing balls, moving tyres, dodging, throwing frisbees, crossing a lake on a cargo net, into a ball pit, through some mud and over some more muddy mounds! Everyone brought their a-game and it was incredible to watch everyone!

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Day three brought Friday, last day of camp, and some arctic-type weather! The day started with a bit of a pep talk, highlighting the fact that the bus was coming to get them regardless, and everyone was implored to stay focused and finish the last two rotations strong. Even with the wild weather, a few brave souls from the remaining two groups wanted to complete the Giant Swing... and to everyone’s credit who was out there, they stayed, pulling that haul rope to where it needed to go. It was an incredible effort!

The other groups finished their rotations and before long, it was lunch time. The results were tallied and then winners were announced.

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A big thank you to everyone for your incredible efforts, and in particular, finishing camp strong, despite the weather!

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  • Jackie, Liv, Talia, Phoebe

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Bush Challenge

  1. 47:15

  2. 31:40

  3. 31:39

  4. 28:56

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Monster Course (Improvement Times)

  1. 8:03

  2. 9:38

  3. 3:55

  4. 11:20

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Values Winner

  1. Edwin

  2. Joseph

  3. Edith

  4. Paris

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