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Bellarine Secondary College

Bellarine Secondary College brought a small group of year eleven students to The Summit for a fun and exciting three day camp. Although the group was small, that didn’t stop us from having an awesome experience.

Day one was all about finding our bearing at camp and within our tribes. Our two tribes were called The Champions and The Champion Killers (Killers for short). After working through two warm up initiatives, it was straight into Leap of Faith and Inflatables. Two very different activities, Leap had people reaching for a goal while battling the heights and inflatables was all about the fun.

Day two. We started the morning with a fun warm game of jockeys. From there we spent the morning working in teams. Laser had the tribe split into two as everyone tried to gain the most points, over at Bush Challenge tribes were working as one to race through a mini obstacle course, well done to the Killers for being the fastest through the course with a time of 15.34 minutes . After lunch it was time to scale to new heights, this time going to the top of the big tower to challenge ourselves with Summit Window and Abseiling. Before we knew it, it was the afternoon and that meant it was time for the Monster Course. To get our bodies moving and warmed up for the course, we played the bizarre game Chuck the Chicken but with a shoe. Don’t think everyone got the rules of this game, but it defiantly got our bodies moving for the Monster Course. Each tribe worked so hard throughout the entire course and it showed as it was neck and neck to the finish. Even though we had crossed the finish line, our work was not over yet. We set an even bigger challenge, and that was to run the Monster Course again. Despite the second lap being super challenging you all completed it with a winning attitude. Congratulations to both teams who improved their time by over five minutes!!!

Day Three. Wednesday, and that meant the end of camp, with only two activities to go it was a quick warm game of Huckle Buckle and then straight to the Cave and Giant Swing. It was a great way to end our camp, and what made it even better was four legends who were recognised by their tribe as being stand outs on camp got to ride in our WWII army tank as a reward.

Thank you Bellarine for coming to The Summit and having an awesome time with us.

  • Liv, Erin, Nik, Phoebe and Talia

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