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North Geelong Secondary College

North Geelong Secondary College year 10’s and their teachers arrived for the first camp at The Summit. After a few introductions to the camp and the Five Keys, it was time to get into the spirit of camp and come up with a tribe name. Bush Rat Ganggg, TeamX4, Trafalgar Smudgies and Triple Tzah were the names the tribe would be called.

Giant Swing was something out of a lot of peoples comfort zones as pairs were pulled up to the desired height before releasing the swing and soaring to some serious hang time. High Wire was a balancing act, literally as participants balanced out on the wire to meet up with their partner. To go the next level they could even lay down on the wire. Snake and Nails was a great mental challenge as each person was presented with the chance to walk across the bed of nails and touch or hold Arizona, the Summit Python. Snowy River Challenge was a tribe vs. tribe challenge to complete the course in the fastest time possible as a tribe.

Sky Bridge was all about the journey across the wobbly bridge and in life, sometimes it is not always easy but you keep moving forward no matter how you do it. There was so much encouragement for everyone who ventured across the bridge. Laser skirmish was a good old fashion game of army men. Sometimes the weather does not play nice, so we take the laser indoors and play in the stadium with tables as bases and wooden boxes and forts. Abseil was worth the climb up the tower for the view you got, all before leaning over the edge to abseil down. Bush challenge was the second of the tribe challenges. Traf Smudgies were the victors in the Bush Challenges with a time of 20. 59, ahead of Triple Tzah in 22.28.

Monster Course was the last group challenge where improving yourself and your tribe challenge would get you the win. The times of improvement: equal 3rd place TeamX4 and Trafalgar Smudgies with 2.55, Bush Rat Ganggg with 3.55 and winning was Triple Tzah with an improvement of 15.40.

At the end of camp, each tribe voted for students who lived by the five keys. These people would be rewarded with a hot lap in The Summit WWII army tank. Congratulations to Tara, Taniesha, Riconaly and Erin.

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