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Peninsula Grammar School

One of our favourite weeks at The Summit, Peninsula week. Having some amazing camps over the years, this week was no different. There was camp outs, camp fires, night walks, loads of activities, massive Monster Course and heaps of games during the day and at night.

Day One:

Monday was all about arriving at camp and settling in. We got to know our new tribes while we completed two initiatives. These initiatives got us working together to achieve a common goal. We also decided on our epic tribe names.

Before we knew it day one was coming to an end for activities, but there was still some fun to be had with Minute to Win it after dinner.

Day Two:

A frosty start to a day two, so the best way to get warm was to play a giant game of Rock, Paper, Scissors, Chant. In the end there was a battle between the last two people, but only one could be the champ. Well done to Josh. Now it was time to make a start on our 12 exciting activities we would be doing while on camp. These were: Abseiling, Flying Fox, Giant Swing, Cave, Bush Challenge, High Wire, Inflatables, Leap of Faith, Snake and Nails, Summit Window, Snowy River Challenge and Laser Skirmish. Smashing out four activities and in the afternoon we spent time creating our tribe flag. All the flags looked incredible as every tribe got to present their flag to the group. Hour after dinner activity was trivia, but not like any other trivia that anyone had experienced. This trivia had teams up and about completing different challenges as well as answering the questions. Well done to Crispy Chicken Nuggets for taking out the trivia title.

Day Three:

Happy hump day everyone. Half way through camp already, feels like it is going to quick. Today we had three activities on the schedule and in the afternoon we also had some epic tribe challenges planned. Throughout the day the tribes were also told that they need to create an epic tribal chant that they would be performing on Thursday. After afternoon tea the 12 groups were split into two groups of six. While the odds battled it out at Tug of war, the evens were strategizing at Tic Tac Toe. Once the rounds were completed we swapped challenges and then at the end came together as one big group for the grand final. It was Guvamoles versus the Vegemite Billies for the title of strongest tribe at camp. It was a tough battle and in the end the Guvamoles were the champs. We also had a bonus round with Teachers versing the Summit coaches. Although the coaches put up a great fight, the teachers did just sneak the win from them.

Day Four:

AKA the best day on camp. MONSTER DAY and boy, was it going to be a beautiful day, we had hit the jackpot at The Summit today. Again smashing through three activities in the morning, left us the whole afternoon dedicated to the Monster Course. Before each tribe headed out on the course, every tribe presented their tribe chant. There were some fantastic chants that got their tribe fired up for the Monster Course, and it was a close decision on the winner. The Haka llamas were awarded the most enthusiastic, creative and original chant of the group. After our chants, it was time to get out onto the course. Every tribe did such a fantastic job on the course and running to the finish line was the longest tunnel that The Summit had seen. It came as a shock when we told you that you would be running the Monster Course for a second time. But like every challenge we gave you over the last four days, you absolutely smashed it.

Day Five:

Sadly the last day of camp came around too fast, and I don’t think us, coaches, were ready to say goodbye to this amazing year level. Polishing off our last two activities as strong as we started. Today wasn’t the most action packed day we had, but we still utilized every minute we had. At our final lunch we read out all the results and acknowledged twelve tribe members that deserved to be recognised for their tremendous efforts while at camp. To finish off camp we watched these twelve legends drive around in our WWII army tank. Well done to Dori, Tom, Mini, Charles, Zara, Jack M, Brooke, Ruby, Ollie P, Will, Tom S and Ethan.

From there it was time to head to the buses and say our final goodbyes before leaving for home.


Trivia – Crispy Chicken nugget

Minute to win it – The Broccolinis

Strategy Games – Guvamoles

Snowy River Challenge

1st- Crispy Chicken Nuggets

2nd-Epic Donalds


4th-Soggy Wheet Bix

5th-Vegemite Billies




9th- Royal Flamingos

10th- The Broccolinis

10th-Haka Lamas

11th- Pink Fluffy Eshays

Bush Challenge

1st- Pink fluffy eshays


3rd- Epic Donalds

4th- Bajinkies

5th- Crispy Chicken Nuggets

6th- The Brocolinis

7th- Haka llamas

8th- Guvamoles


10th- Royal Flamigos

11th- Vegemite Billies

12th- Soggy Wheetbix

Monster Course

1st- Vegemite Billies

2nd- Crispy Chicken Nuggets

3rd- Pronunciation

4th- Pink Fluffy Eshays

5th- Soggy Wheet Bix

6th- The Broccolinis

7th- Guvamoles

8th- Royal Flamingos

9th- Bajinkies

10th-Epic Donalds

11th- Haka Llamas

12th- Phishies

Thank you again to the year sevens from Peninsula Grammar, we have had such an amazing week with you all.

  • Liv, Maddi, Tim, Jackie, Matt, Ash, Steph, Kyle, Liam, Cam, Marcus, Phoebe, Erin, Nik and Talia

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