Mornington Secondary College  - Camp 1

It was so nice to have the students and teachers from Mornington Secondary College come to The Summit for the first of two camps for the week on Monday. Everyone was so excited not only for the first time visitor but also the returning students from previous primary school that had visited.

After an introductions and initiative activity to start camp off, it was time to find each tribe their own tribe name and personality. No longer would they be known as group 1,2,ETC but now known as Visco Girls, U’ies, Eshdogs, Quenches, Give Us your T.N’s, Muppets, Originals, Not Bahd and Spongy Bobbies.

The Activities for the 3 days would be Leap of Faith, Orienteering, Summit Window, Laser Skirmish, Giant Swing, Snowy River Challenge, Rock Wall, Inflatables and Scavenger Hunt. Some activities had a tribe vs. tribe challenge some were about individual gaols and challenges. Here are some of the results of the challenges. Snowy river Challenge: 3rd- Spongy Bobbies 22.09, 2nd –Muppets 20.09 and winning was Visco Girls in a time of 15.31. Bush Challenge: 2nd Quenches 48.40 and winning was Eshdogs in 30.27. Monster was well run with every tribe improving by at least 2.50. The winning tribes were as follows: Give us your T.N’s improving by 6.50, Originals improving by 6.52 and winning was Muppets improving by 7.15.

At the end of camp each tribe voted for a tribe member who lived by The Summit Five Keys. These people would be rewarded with a ride in The Summit WWII Stewart Army tank. Congratulations to Abby A, Abby, Archer, Jordan, Henry Hayze, Will, Harvey, Andre, Jack and Mason.

Thank you again to all the students and teachers who came to the Summit from Mornington Secondary College.

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