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Cobden Technical School

Cobden Technical School travelled a long way to have an awesome three day camp with us.

Arriving on Wednesday and the sun was shining bright for our first day of camp.

Our activities today were Bush Challenge and High Wire. Before we got to those activities, we warmed up with a few initiatives. This gave us a great indication of how the team was working, it also gave us a chance to create our tribe name. After much debate we agreed on Triple Ts.

At Bush Challenge everyone worked really well together to make it through each obstacles, and High Wire gave us our first taste on heights at The Summit. Well done to Mitch and Thomas for stepping outside their comforts zones for this activity. Before we knew it, that was day one done and dusted.

Day two and we were blessed again with another gorgeous day. We decided to do Cave in the morning so we could spend the rest of the day in the sun. Well done to Abbey and Holly who despite being afraid still went through the Cave. We then split into two smaller groups to smash out Scavenger Hunt and Sky Bridge. Everyone did such a great job working as a team at Scavenger Hunt and taking on the individual challenge on the Bridge.

After lunch we all went to the Flying Fox, there was a great energy as everyone had a go at zip lining across the lake. Then came the best part of camp - THE MONSTER COURSE! As one big group we conquered The Monster Course not once but twice. It was such a great effort from everyone and an amazing display of teamwork and persistence. Well done to everyone for improving the time by 12.48min.

Friday and the last day of camp, with only two more activities to go we were determined to make the most of it. Well done to Caitlyn on completing the Abseil even though she was terrified. Before you all left The Summit, we had one more surprise left. Brodie, Holly and Caitlyn were rewarded for all their efforts at camp with a lap in our WWII army tank! Well done legends.

Thank you again to Cobden Tech for coming to the Summit for an awesome three day camp.

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