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St Clare’s Primary School

With term 3 coming getting close to the end we were lucky to have an amazing camp with the grade 5/6s from St Clare’s Primary School.

Arriving on the Monday you were all full of energy! Super excited for the first day of activities we got straight into it! With two initiatives first we got to know our newly found tribes! We loved that you all wore colored bands to identify who was in which tribe! There was: The Golden Warriors, Raging Reds, Killer Crocs, Ocean 12, Pink Panthers and Quack!

The activities we would be completing over the next three days were: Leap of Faith, Summit Window, Giant Swing, Snowy River Challenge, Orienteering and High-wire! Everyone did such an amazing job smashing all of these activities!

Tuesday afternoon before we ran The Monster Course, in our tribes we played three rounds of strategy games! This game got the tribes planning and working together to have the most cards at the end of each round! Well done to the Pink Panthers who were the strategy games champions! Now it was time to take on the ultimate tribal challenge... THE MONSTER COURSE! Everyone did an incredible job working within their tribes to complete each obstacle. As each team came to the finish line, we formed a tunnel for them to run through. But it wasn’t over there, we gave you all the even bigger challenge of running The Monster Course again! This time to bet your original time! You all gave it your best and you should all be proud of your efforts!

Last day of camp came around all too quickly, with only two more activities to complete we were straight into it. Despite being tired, you all gave those last two activities as much effort as day one! Before we said our goodbyes, we gave you the results of some of the challenges we had been doing while on camp! We also called up 6 tribe members that had been voted as the stand outs of each tribe! Well done to Sophie, Amelia, Jordyn, Maddie, Dylan and Luke. these legends got to have a ride in our WWII army tank before we headed off to the buses home!

Thank you St Clare’s grade 5 and 6s for bringing your amazing energy to camp!

Snowy River Challenge

1st Pink Panthers

2nd Golden warriors

3rd Quack

4th Killer Crocs

5th Ocean 12

6th Raging reds

Monster course

1st Raging reds

2nd Ocean 12

3rd Quack

4th Pink panthers

5th Golden warriors

6th Killer Crocs

- Liv, cam, Liam, Kyle, Nik and Talia

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