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Norwood Secondary College

WHAT A WAY TO FINISH TERM THREE!! Norwood Secondary College brought all the fun during the three days that they were here. They also brought the amazing weather because it was sun shine all around.

With nine activities to complete there was so much action happening around the park. At the big and small tower everyone was going to new heights with Giant Swing, Leap of Faith, Summit Window and Rock Wall. Teams got comfortable being uncomfortable at Snake and Nails and the Cave. Meanwhile it was all fun at Laser and Inflatables.

Teams had to work together to get the most points and fastest time at Snowy River Challenge and Scavenger Hunt.

Every morning we started our day with fun games like Jockeys and Huckle-Buckle and then smashed out our activities. A massive highlight would have to be The Monster Course on day two. With every team crushing the course not once but TWICE. Everyone displaying the true meaning of support and teamwork. Big congratulations to every team improving their time by over 5 minutes, what an achievement!

Friday came around all too fast and it was bitter sweet as it meant that it was the end of term but also the end of camp. To make it better each tribe nominated one tribe member each, and those legends got to have a ride in the WWII army tank! Well done to Sienna, Um, Kane, Tom, Louie, Kai, Lachie, Jake, Marcel and Nathan.


We had such an amazing time with you all and we hope you had as much fun as we did.

  • Liv, Maddi, Matt, Jackie, Mia, Kyle, Ash, Cam, Liam, Erin, Nik and Talia

Snowy River times

Positive Possums – 24.12min

Spenellies – 24.27min

Brownies Crew – 13.02min

Stringy Bin Chickens – 27.12min

Big Heads – 12.47min

Teletubbies – 16.35min

Lucky 7s – 11.56min

Dumb Donkeys – 26.55min

Broken Knees – 19.52min

Monster Course improvement times

Positive Possums – 6.37min

Spenellies – 10.52min (WINNERS)

Brownies Crew – 6.30min

Stringy Bin Chickens – 8.30min

Big Heads – 5.20min

Teletubbies – 7.45min

Lucky 7s – 8.20min

Larrys – 8.19mins

Dumb Donkeys – 8.29min

Broken Knees – 7.27min

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