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Why getting OUT of the office will actually boost productivity and team morale.

In an era where we rarely detach from technology and have constant interruptions, it is no wonder staff are struggling to be productive and team morale is not even on the agenda.

With more meetings than ever, quicker turnarounds on projects and to-do lists that never end, it has become a society norm to work through your lunch break and not stop to reset.

We have become so focused on ‘all the things’ we have to achieve in a work day and in between juggling the inbox & demands there in no time to notice or spend time with your team or work colleagues because you are up to your eye-balls in tasks.

Your environment can play a huge role on your performance and spending a time out of the office and in nature can actually improve your focus, performance and combat workplace stress.

Familiarity and routine can stifle our desire to explore and understand other perspectives or situations but when we are exposed to things that are new and novel, it heightens our reaction which pushes us to explore and understand what is going on around us.

That’s why team building days are a necessity for organisations and should be on the agenda more than once a year. Getting out of the office, leaving work behind and allowing colleagues to spend some quality time together will reset, refresh and recharge your team as well as boost morale for individuals.

The success of most organisations depends on the ability of individuals to collaborate effectively with others and work in teams.

'You can't force bonding or unity BUT you can create a space for it to happen.'

The main goals of team-building are to improve;

  • Productivity

  • Motivation and

  • Team morale.

Taking staff out of the office helps groups break down political and personal barriers, eliminate distractions, and gives them a chance to switch off from their never ending tasks, de-stress and have some fun with their colleagues.

Team building is the process of turning a group of individual who contribute to an organisation into a cohesive team that support each other.

Team building days can help colleagues better understand each other, see each other in a lighter environment and learn to communicate with each other in more effective ways.

Written By; Brigette Smith The Summit Outdoor Adventure Park

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