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Geelong Lutheran College

We had a great first week back from holidays as we kicked it off with the legends of Geelong Lutheran College.

From the moment of arriving on Monday the action and fun did not stop for the whole camp.

Everyone smashed their activities and pushed themselves beyond what they thought they could do. Leap of Faith, Giant Swing and Summit Window took the year 10s to new heights. Laser, Orienteering and Bush challenge had the tribes racing to get the best time or collect the most points throughout their rotation. Flying Fox and Sky Bridge gave us a clear end goal as we walked and flew from start to finish.

There were heaps of games played including Huckle-Buckle, where the coaches went down in the final round, leaving the students to take the win. Jockeys on the final morning was another demonstration on how competitive these students were and how badly they wanted to win! There was also the same level of competitiveness as everyone ran The Monster Course on Thursday afternoon! Smashing through the first lap it was going to be super tough trying to beat their original times, BUT every single tribe wiped off at least 5 minutes off their time!

What a great achievement!

Bush Challenge

1st - Darwin’s

2nd- Fours

3rd - Jamaican bobsled team

4th- Sharons

Monster Course

1st Sharons

2nd Jamaican bobsled team

3rd Darwin’s

4th Fours

We had a lot of fun with the year 10s of Geelong Lutheran and we want to thank you for kicking off term four in such an awesome way!

- Liv, Mia, Kyle and Liam

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