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Hartwell Primary School

We were excited to be having Hartwell Primary School at The Summit for their first ever year 5 camp! With five days of fun ahead of us it was going to be an epic camp.


Monday was really all about getting to know camp, the coaches and of course your very own tribes. We kicked camp off with a fun game of crane, this got everyone super pumped for our first to initiatives. During these initiatives, the tribes were put to the test to see how well they could work together to complete the challenge. At this time we also created out tribe names, there was: We mean business, Goats, Summit Squad, Summit Survivors, Waitt Warriors, Fantastic 14 and Fearless 5. We started one of our first seven activities which was a great way to ease into some of the challenges.

Day Two and Three: Play all in & Make lots of Mistakes

Day two and three being very similar, completing four activities each day and after lunch having a massive tribe challenge/game. Tuesday we took the time to create our amazing tribal flags. Each tribe now had a flag that had their awesome tribe name, every tribe members name and some key values that they were going to display while being on camp. After we smashed through Abseil, Giant Swing, Tash’s Ladder, Scavenger Hunt, Cave, Orienteering and Snowy River Challenge. It was time to get into our next lot. After lunch on Wednesday we were ready to take on Leap of Faith, Sky Bridge, High Wire, Flying Fox, Laser Skirmish, Inflatables and Bush Challenge.

Day Four: Get comfortable being uncomfortable

Thursday was a scorcher, but that did not stop us from having loads of fun. We smashed out three activities in the morning before lunch so we could reserve the afternoon for an epic game and then of course our monster course. Well done to the Waitt Warriors that won the Strategy Games on 119 points.

Day Five: Don’t go home wondering what if

Friday rolled around too quickly and we were sad to be saying goodbye to this amazing group of students. With still two activities still to go we made the most of our time left on camp and made sure we didn’t go home wondering what if. Before heading to the buses we gave you all the results from camp and had one more surprise left for you all. One tribe member from each tribe was voted for following the summits five keys while being on camp. These lucky legends got to have a ride in our army tank and drive over a car! Well done to Harry, Annabelle, Tody, Ethsan, Aabha, Joe and Thomas.

Snowy River Challenge:

1st- Goats

2nd- Fantastic 14

3rd-Summit Squad

4th-Fearless Five

5th-Summit Survivors

6th- Waitt Warriors

7th- We Mean Business

Bush Challenge:

1st- Summit Survivors

2nd- Goats

3rd- Summit Squad

4th- Fearless Five

5th- We Mean Business

6th- Fantastic 14

7th- Waitt Warriors

Monster Course (Based on improvement)

1st- Waitt Warriors (10min)

2nd- Summit Survivors (9.05min)

3rd- Fantastic 14 (7min)

4th- Goats (5.26min)

5th- Fearless five (5.20min)

6th- Summit Squad (4.45min)

7th- We mean business (4min)

Thank you again to the students and teachers of Hartwell Primary School for having an absolute blast with us coaches.

  • Liv, matt, Liam, Trinette, Nik, Pho, Ash, Kyle, Cam and Lauren

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