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Surf Coast Secondary College

Surf Coast travelled all the way to The Summit to experience an awesome three day camp with The Summit coaches. With 140 students, there was no shortage of energy and fun around the park. Over the three days we would be completing nine different activities and of course our epic Monster course on day two. Our activities included: Leap of Faith, Bush Challenge, High Wire, Laser Skirmish, Summit Window, Cave, Flying Fox, Scavenger Hunt, Snake and Nails and Inflatables. Everyone smashed through their activities pushing themselves further than they thought they could do.

Tuesday was our biggest day, with five activities and then smashing our amazing Monster course. Everyone did such an amazing job and seemed to be having a blast as we ran the course not once BUT twice. Before we knew it, it was Wednesday and sadly that meant the last day of camp. With nothing stopping us we crushed our last two activities before heading home on the buses.

In your last debriefs, each tribe nominated one person who had represented their tribe by using The Summits Five Keys. These legends were: Charlie, Declan, Layla, Karen, Nina, Perry, Will Jackson, Maya, Jack and Harley.

Monster improvement times

1st – Joe Mumma (-10min)

2nd- Six Skit (-8.02min)

3rd- The vacuums (-7.52min)

4th- DCK (-7.20min)

5th- Kitty Meow Meow (6.15min)

6th- Chicky Nuggets (5.57min)

7th- Gatorade Drinkers (5.38min)

8th- The Cringe Team (-4.56min)

9th- Double Trouble (-3.40min)

10th- Ross Dogs (-3.16min)

Bush Challenge

1st – Kitty Meow Meow

2nd- Six kits

3rd- The Vacuums

4th- Joe Mummas

5th- Cringe Team

6th- DCK

7th- Chicky Nuggets

8th- Double Trouble

9th- Ross Dogs

Thank you to Surf Coast for coming to the Summit Camp. All the best.

  • Liv, Trinette, Jackie, Kyle, Liam, Marcus, Erin, Maddi, Matt, Steph, Lauren and Talia

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