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The Smith Family

The Summit had the pleasure of welcoming The Smith Family on Wednesday afternoon. After getting their bags out of the trailer the girls made their way up to the accommodation to settle in.

After everyone had settled in, we made our way up to The Stadium to welcome the girls formally. Two groups became one and we started our first bit of fun by playing a game called YE-HA to activate our state. The group took part in the initiative treasure, where they reached their objective by combining ideas and working together. The two activities done on the first day were Rock Wall and Laser Tag. During the Rock Wall, a big shout out to Hannah and Gabby for reaching the top of the wall!

Day two was a mission, started with morning intentions where we asked the students to choose what type of person, they wanted to be that day. Sky Bridge was the first activity off the bat where the girls showed their grit and resilience to get from one side of the bridge to the other. Shout out to Naomi for demonstrating resilience and perseverance when facing hardship on The Bridge. The second activity for the day was Snowy River Challenge where the group had to work as one to complete the course. The girls completed the course in 48 minutes which is a great time, shout out to Destiny and Monique for taking the lead and stepping up to help put the groups needs before their own. Giant Swing was the final activity where the girls all went up to the top of The Swing (green), well done! To end the day, we did a giant lap of the Monster Course, there were many laughs, lots of mud and plenty of rain which the group completed in 1 hour and 14mins which is no small feat!

Day three, the day started again with morning intentions, this time the focus was on gratitude and taking the time to remember the people or things in out lives. We also wanted the girls to focus on not going home with any regrets, to give it everything in the last two rotation; Flying Fox and Abseil. Despite Shelby not feeling to well, she played all in and gave the Flying Fox a go. During the Abseil poppy and Claire faced their fears and stretched themselves out of their comfort zones by tackling the tower. A bunch of shout outs to the rest of the girls; Quily for coming to camp and making new friends, despite only meeting all the girls a day before camp and Nancy for entertaining us all with her killer dance moves and never-ending energy. During Snowy, let’s not forget about Erika forgetting to step over the blue beam, Make lots of mistakes right! Alexia for always playing all in when it came to YeHA and always wanting to play. Lastly, we have Simone, Celeste, Aislim; the love and support you show to the girls is noting short of amazing, we hope you enjoy the rest of the year and we can’t wait to see you next year!

Stay groovy

Steph and Ash 😊

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