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Werribee Secondary College

It has been a pleasure to have students and teachers from Werribee Secondary College at The Summit for their year ten three day camp form Wednesday23rd to Friday 25th. With so much to do and to start as soon as we could, each tribe broke off into their respective tribe ready to embrace all that The Summit could offer.

Abseiling straight up for some students was enough to really set the tone for how to Play All In and have fun while doing it. Giant Swing was nothing but pure joy or extreme discomfort as mentioned by many participants as the pairs were hoisted up to their desired height to then release themselves for the giant swing. Cave was all about entering the unknown and trusting within the inner self and following directions without being able to see where you were going.

Summit Window was the tallest of the activities and really brought out the bravery in most as students leant back to take in the view while being comfortable being uncomfortable. Snake and Nails was a different challenge as it was not about heights or darkness but the idea of touching/ holding a snake and walking across a bed of nails was where some of the fears would and did arise. Rock wall had each person make a choice for themselves, which wall did they want to do and what would push them outside their own comfort zone. Where at time, or difficulty and trust in the students hold your rope while you climbed. Snowy was the first of the tribe challenges. Each tribe did an amazing effort but here are the results: -

Tribe 4-25.50, tribe1 -22.48, tribe 2-21.50, tribe 3-21.14, tribe 6 got 3rd in 21.00, tribe 7 got 2nd in 20.36 but winning was tribe 5 with 17.04.

Monster Cours also saw tribe complete a course in the fastest time only to find out that they had you beat their own time not each other. The results were: - tribe 3 improved by 3.20, tribe 5 improved by 4.43, tribe 6 improved by 5.04, tribe 2 improved by 6.05, tribe 1 came in third with an improvement of 6.20, tribe 4 came in second with an improvement of 8.58 but taking it home was tribe 7 with an improvement of 12 21. Fantastic effort but everyone.

At the end of camp each tribe voted for a member in their tribe who lived by the five keys. These people would be rewarded with a ride in the Summit army tank. Well done to Will, Bryce, Patrick, John, Abhjeet, Jacob and Scott. All well deserved.

Thank you again to all students and teacher from Werribee Secondary College.

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