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Linton Primary School

It was a pleasure having the grade 3, 4, 5 and 6 students from Linton Primary School at The Summit for their three day camp from Monday 28th to Wednesday 30th.

Arriving after a 4 hour bus ride the students were introduced to our 5 keys:

have fun, play all in, make lots of mistakes, get comfortable being uncomfortable and don’t go home wondering what if. Heading out to the park we had the opportunity to get to know each other with some fun group games and then straight into our first activities.

Rock Wall and Inflatables were up first, where there we had some epic races happening in our inflatable city while some people testing themselves on the Rock Wall. Well done to Makayla for making all the way to the top of the overhang wall.

The Scavenger Hunt was a group favourite with lots of different activities testing everyone in all sorts of ways, the results where very tight with group 1 scoring, 550 and group 2 scoring, 600 points.

Up next was Tash’s Ladder where students climbed to the top of the tower and yet again tested themselves and stepped outside of their comfort zones enjoying a beautiful view of The Summit.

We then headed over to Bush Challenge where each team was racing against the clock to see who complete a series of team challenges in the fastest time, well done to both teams who both scored very fast times. Group 1-23:27, Group 2-32:40.

Later the students got to fly over The Summit park on our flying fox which was a real highlight for some people.

The sun was out on day 2 and it was very warm, we then began our Monster Course where students tried to set the fastest time only to find out they had to beat there own time not each other’s!

Group 1 improving by 3:42 and group 2 improving by 5:49

On our last day we had High Wire and Snake and Nails activities where everyone had a chance to test ourselves in a different way with holding a snake and walking across a bed of nails.

At the end of camp each group voted for who they thought lived camp by our 5 keys well done to Nakita, Sienna and Makayla who were rewarded with a hot lap in our army tank!

Thank you all for the awesome 3 days from Cam, Maddy and Jackie

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