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Mt Hira College

Mt Hira college joined our coaches Kyle, Liv and Phoebe for an amazing three day camp last week. This group may have been small in size but you could hear them for kilometres away. It was a jammed packed few days and we did not waste a minute of it. Day one we completed a tribe initiative where we also came up with our tribe name. We had 709, 3824 and the Plant Base Gang. Now with our new tribe identities it was time for our first lot of activities.

We had Summit Window where straight away people were put outside their comfort zones, going all the way to the highest point of The Summit. Bush Challenge got everyone working together to make it through a mini obstacle course and Flying Fox was a great activity just to sit back and whizz over the lake and through camp. By day two we were ready for some new activities. This time we had Sky Bridge, High Wire and Snowy River Challenge. W

e all crushed this activities and finished them all in one day! We also couldn’t forget the Monster Course. This really pushed people to keep moving forward and finish what they started as we ran the course not once BUT twice! What an amazing achievement fir everyone. Wednesday came around too quickly and sadly it was our last day. Before leaving we smashed out last two activities, Leap of Faith, Giant Swing and Snake and Nails. After lunch we had one more surprise left for you all, voted in by the three tribe Aldden, Ezzidin, Adam I and Valborna got to have a ride in our army tank! Well done legends. From there it was time to say our final goodbyes and head to the bus home.

Bush Challenge:

1st- 3824 (25.16min)

2nd- Plant Based Gang (25.47min)

3rd- 709 (28.13min)

Snowy River Challenge

1st- 709 (20.23min)

2nd- Plant Based Gang (22.29min)

3rd- 3824 (24.21min)

Monster Course

1st- Plant Based Gang (-2.35min)

2nd- 709s (-2.03min)

3rd- 3824 (-1.37min)

Thank you again to Mt Hira for a great time

  • Liv, Kyle and Phoebe

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