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Ilim College

31 boys, 3 days , 8 challenging and fun activities and 1 very muddy Monster challenge. Ilim College boys, were straight off the bus and into two activities with Mia and Jac testing your abilities both individually and as a group in our first activities Cave and Bush challenge. It was clear that you were able to work well together when both teams achieved awesome times in the challenge. Whilst you learnt how to work together to problem solve obstacles. Team 80 and Jb Squad had less then a minute separating them achieving scores of 26.24mins and 27.41mins.

Day 2 had the boys up and ready to get comfortable being uncomfortable with 4 new activities: Inflatable City, Rock Wall, Tash’s Ladder and High Wire. The boys were committed to pushing themselves, challenging fears and truly embracing getting comfortable being uncomfortable. Collectively you achieved climbing to the bell of a 16m Rockwall, laying on a wire 8m above the ground and taking legs and arms off, whilst soaring high in the sky on a very high ladder.

Monster brought out the best in us all testing our stamina, team work and strengthening relationships in not only 1 epic lap, but 2!! Although we were all pumped to beat the other team, you all soon realized it was more important the person you were in the team than any time received. Monster times where as follows and clearly displays how phenomenal you all were at improving as an individual for the benefit of the team.

JB Squad Lap 1: 32.51. Lap 2: 21.57

Team 80 Lap 1: 32.37. Lap 2: 27.05.

As we came to the conclusion of 72hrs of absolute awesome times, laughs and challenges, the boys were asked to play hard for two final activities; Abseil and Snake and Nails. With an intention to not go home wondering what if, you pushed yourself to achieving jumping down a 24m wall in super hero style and get in touch with ones wild side handling our slithering friend Mitch.

We were so grateful for the commitment and fun you brought to every activity and how willing you were to challenge your fears and self perspective. A massive congratulations to you all for your growth and development as individuals and a group.

Keep smiling, growing and stretching that comfort zone.

Your summit coaches Mia and Jac.

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