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Spensley Street Primary School

Once again it has been a pleasure having the students and teachers from Spensley Street Primary at The Summit for their grade six five day camp. With a few initiatives to start the camp off, it was time to start the rotations of activities and come up with a tribe name. The Undertakers, The Winners, Banana Bunch and The Four the Merrier were the names now known for each tribe.

Laser Skirmish was a lot of fun for everyone including teachers who wanted to be on this activity. Tash’s Ladder saw so many venture to the top of the small tower and lean over the ladder to give everyone a wave, some even flag poling from the top. Highwire was a real balancing act as each person climbed to the wire, and then walked to the middle to high five their friend. Bush Challenge was the first of the tribe vs. tribe challenges with the results as follows: Banana Bunch came first in a time of 28.24, then Winners in 32.48, then Four The Merrier in 33.04 and Undertakers rounding out the competition in 34.39.

Scavenger Hunt saw tribes race around The Summit to gain points and perform group tasks. Flying Fox was cool, as everyone flew through the trees and over the lake to a landing platform for 144 metres. Abseiling was the first activity to use the big tower, as it saw participants abseil down the 20 meter tower to the cheer and applause of the tribe members waiting below. Inflatables saw the best goal scored from the Undertakers and best golden goal match played during Foosball. There was plenty of encouragement and laughter during these activities.

Sky Bridge was an activity with lots of balance required as each person made their way out onto the wobbly bridge. Some have fallen but always found a way to get back up or bum slide to their desired distance. Orienteering saw groups of no less than 3 find compass point to find a letter on a reflector and solve a wordle and riddle. Everyone did such a brilliant effort during orienteering. Leap of Faith was a great test of trust to leap off the tower to a trapeze bar or stepping off to take the leap of faith. Snowy River Challenge was the second of the tribe vs. tribe challenges. The results were The Winners in first with a time of 26.54, Banana Bunch 27.09, Undertakers29.31 and Four the Merrier in 39.26.

Giant Swing was the activity everyone was waiting to go on. It saw pairs of students and a teacher get taken up to their choice of height. Anne and Gerard shared one last activity together before leaving the school. The Summit Window was the highest activity from the consistently run activities at The Summit, with the sensational view of the surrounding area. Snake and Nails was a different challenge with the opportunity to touch feel or hold the snake and walk across the nail board (not at the same time). Cave had everyone venture underground through the cave to a bunk room following instructions before entering the pitch black darkness.

Monster Course was so epic and fun for everyone involved. The results were amazing. The Winners improved by 10.34, followed by Undertakers who improved by 9.04, followed Four The Merrier with an improvement of 5.06 and rounding it out was Banana Bunch who improved by 4.52.

The last thing to do at camp was to award and reward a member from each tribe who lived by the five keys. Well done to Edie, Pearl, Delphi, Mischa and Iris. Thank again to everyone for a great camp.

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