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Rochester Secondary College

As the buses rolled in on Monday afternoon, we welcomed Rochester Secondary College. After a long journey to The Summit, the grade 9’s where very keen to hop off the buses and hit the park. No time was wasted, in the first rotation group numbers quickly turned into awesome tribe names.

Group 1 became CBB (Connor Butterfield Batman) and group 2 became The Quiches

The afternoon was filled with loads of fun and laughs two activities were completed. The afternoon was a great taster for what was to come for day two. We hit the pack in full swing having Abseil and Snowy River Challenge as out first two activities. Abseil, for sure, put a few outside their comfort zones.

Tuesday was a jam packed day. Four rotations were completed (Leap of faith, Sky Bridge, Cave and Snake and Nails) along with our Epic Monster Course. It was amazing to see so many individuals push themselves outside their comfort zones and get around everyone in their team. No time was wasted, we all put in 100%, however, on the second lap both groups improved by a hefty amount - pat yourselves on the back. Well done! After dinner Trust games were the next daring challenge.

Wednesday Morning rolled around way too fast. To kick the morning off the year 9’s shared a few things they were grateful for in their day to day lives - sometimes it is the little things that go unnoticed, how cool it is that we get to be grateful as one big team. GMIC were out of this world, so many where put in the box. It was amazing to see! Rochester Secondary Duke of Ed, YOU ALL ROCK! The Summit crew wishes you all the very best for the remainder of the school year. Great job playing all in over the past few days! Keep getting around each other and having all the fun. You are all incredible individuals. It’s been an honour to have you here with us at The Summit.

After two and a half days of unleashing greatness, the end of camp was finished by each tribe voting for a values winner who demonstrated the five values to the best of their abilities.

  • From CBB we had - Tegan

  • From The Quiches we had - Tan


Monster Times

  • . Quiches ~ 8.02 1st PLACE

  • . CBB ~ 6.35 2nd PLACE

Snowy River Challenge Times

  • CBB ~ 9.09 1st PLACE

Quiches ~ 14.35 2nd PLACE

P.S. The blue dot is Phoebe waving goodbye :)

Many thanks and Best wishes from The Summit Team, Rochester it was a pleasure! See you again soon. Ash, Phoebe, Liv, Matt and Maddi

Highlights from 3 amazing days!

  • Coby - Helping everyone over the Snowy wall and then fighting his way to the top with awesome support from the team! Whenever Coby was presented with a challenge, he took it in his stride and “played all in”. This is a prime example of doing just that. Coby was very scared of the snake, but ended up holding him on his shoulder! He went from a 3 to a 6! Coby, keep taking on challenges, and completing them with confidence. Hard work pays off, and seeing your attitude towards camp was inspiring. Keep being you and enjoy every moment of it, mate!

  • Tegan - Helping your teammates over the Snowy wall, and always being the first to encourage everyone around you. Tegan, you were pretty nervous for the Leap of Faith. However, after telling yourself ‘I've got this’, you smashed it out of the park and reached your Super Stretch. Well done, Tegan!! Teagan was such a great friend and support-buddy for Hayley on the first day at Abseil; to see that support on the first afternoon at camp was amazing. You are an incredible young lady, we are excited for your future adventures. Everything you set your mind to is going to be achievable if you keep working as hard as you do. Keep doing you, Honey!

  • Hayley - Scared of the Wombat hole but gave it her best shot and went through, by this act you rewarded your team with 30 seconds off your time. Well done! How epic was it when you accomplished your super-stretch on Leap Of Faith when you grabbed the bar and went upside down. Even though you found yourself feeling like you couldn’t overcome your fears and doubt, you proved yourself wrong. You gave 100% and did your best. Glad to see you’re not going to be ‘going home wonder what if’. Keep rocking it!

  • Riley - On numerous occasions, you stepped outside your comfort zone and The Bridge was a great example of that. At one point you hit the deck, however, you didn’t give up what-so-ever. The determination you showed at that moment was priceless. Mate, you can take on all challenges your face with in the same positive as you did here at The Summit. You were also a great help for everyone on the Go, Go, Stop at Snowy River Challenge. Even though you were uncomfortable about small spaces you did both The Wombat hole and The Cave! That's what we like to call ‘Playing all in’, whenever the group was presented with a new challenge, you were always there to support your team and share your ideas around. Great communication. Just remember, you've got this! Use those Jelly Beans to your advantage. Great efforts!

  • Charlee - The way you faced your fears on all the activities was inspiring. Even when you were nervous you didn’t give up. You showed great courage and resilience. Seeing you face your fears was epic. We love seeing people like yourself expanding their comfort zones. Keep taking on challenges that come your way. Give them 110% and you’ll smash them out of the park every time!

  • Olivia - what a kind young lady you are! You gave every single activity your best. How awesome it was, knowing you tried your very best on each activity. Not only did you put in 100%, you also did it with confidence. Just like with The Giant Swing- with barely no hesitation at all you went right up to Green level. You were great at encouraging your tribe members. During The Monster Course, you really stepped up, especially on the sled obstacle where you single handed moved most of the tires on your end. You were like a little machine!

  • Emily - First Activity of the of the day and you smashed. You were so nervous to do Abseil and, yet, you still gave it your best. Not only did you give it your best, you also helped encourage others around you. You are a true leader, taking a leading role in our first initiative, Tiles. You were quick to think outside of the square and help your team solve the challenge. You also had to get ‘comfortable being uncomfortable’ when it came to the Trust Games. For you putting the trust into your Team was a test within itself. However, you still ‘played all in’ and had a good hot crack at it. Well done Em, keep being Awesome!

  • Lil - Getting to know you over the past few days was so much fun. The way you challenged yourself on all activities was clear that you do like a challenge. Keep setting high goals for yourself. Think about what it is that you want and set yourself a clear goal. I guarantee you, if you set achievable goals you’ll get them every time. With your determination, you’ve got this!

  • Jake – Mate, you smashed The Giant Swing, and for you, I know, that was a challenge. Even though you were very nervous you didn’t let that inner voice inside your head get the better of you. Well done for not giving in to your fears. All in all, you smashed it out of the park. Well done for always being the first one to lend a hand and Monster was a great example. As soon as you completed your section of the obstacle you’d turn round and help the rest of the team. Keep up the great work!

  • Cam- The man! Mate, it has been a pleasure to get to know you. Seeing you make the group laugh on numerous occasions had us in stitches. The way you do it is how you do most things, and it was clear to see you like to take on challenges and give it your all. Keep setting a target, stretch and a super stretch, for you, I think, it’s a great way to achieve what you want. Also best of luck with your lawn boles career! Keep being a super Star.

  • Louis - The enthusiasm you brought to every activity and the team was fabulous. To see you push yourself and set the bar high on every activity was so good. Seeing you run on The Sky Bridge was a laugh, however, from that act, it was clear to see you where willing to make mistakes and play all in. You grabbed every opportunity that was presented to you and handled it like a boss. Keep being you, mate, because you are awesome!

  • Hailey. F - Even when you thought you couldn't do a few activities and you doubted yourself, you still ‘played all in’ and gave them ago. After Sky Bridge and Leap of Faith, two challenges that are meant to activate fear and uncertainty, you smashed them out or the park. After both challenges, you were asked if it was easier or harder than you thought it was going to be. And you said easier. So from that - back yourself and just ‘play all in'. What have you got to lose? You make a mistake… if that's the worst that can happen how cool is it, that we can learn from them. You've got this!

  • Cayde - First of all, good job with Huckle-Buckle. You are a great leader and very good sportsmanship. The joy you bring to those around you is contagious, the way you adapt to change and challenges around you is so cool. You just take it in your stride and make do with whatever curveball you are thrown. Keep being you girl, because you are amazing!

  • Cy- You little legend, to see you smash The Sky Bridge and Leap Of Faith was extraordinary. Even though you injured yourself on the second lap of Monster you ‘played all in’ and gave it your all. You were a great friend and noticed Riley needed a partner for The Giant Swing, without hesitation you jumped up and offered to go with him. Great support. Keep it up! Just remember, every day is a new day. What words going to best describe you? - Pick it! Then act upon it! Well done mate, if you were here myself and Phoebe would give you a big High Five !

  • Teal- You are always so positive bubbly and compassionate for all those around you, seeing you embrace every challenge and give it 110% was so cool. I love how present you were and how you carry yourself. You were always up for a challenge and no matter how difficult you may have found it, you couldn't tell. You just got in there and ‘played all in’ and you did it well, and that reflects how you do most things. So keep rocking it!

  • Tan, your personality is Awesome, every activity you were presented with, you took it in your stride. You, for sure, ‘Played All In’. The support you give others around you is genuine and sincere. Your positive energy is contagious. To see you become the value winner of your group was not a surprise. You, for sure, played that little bit harder, and pushed yourself beyond all limits. Keep setting yourself goals and pushing to achieve them. Keep being you, Girl!

  • Elli showed incredible resilience on The Sky Bridge when the going got tough, Elli, you didn't give up. That tells a lot about a person and you smashed it out of the park. Also at Leap Of Faith to see you “Play all in” and give 110%. Even though you didn’t quite make the bar, you know there is not 1% of you that isn't going to be getting on the bus and ‘wondering what if’. Keep setting goals and giving it a go. Well done!

  • Elijah, you, for sure, got out of your comfort zone as you had never held a snake before. Good on you for ‘getting comfortable being uncomfortable’ and giving it a go! Although things might seem challenging, how cool it is that you are not going to be going home ‘wondering what if’…. Not only did you hold one snake but two, both Mitch and Arizona! Keep challenging yourself, because your comfort zone can only grow if you do things that challenge you. Well done!

  • Sam - your morning intention on Tuesday was to be a great and supportive leader and that is exactly what you did during The Monster Course! You were super supportive of every single tribe member and were aware of everyone and their needs. You also set the bar high on Leap Of Faith, going fist and hitting your supper stretch. Your goals were clear and you got the result you wanted. You couldn't wipe the smile of your face at the end. Keep being a great Leader, Sam!

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