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Maranatha Christian College

The Summit welcomed Maranatha Christian College on Wednesday 27th of November for their 3 day camp. The students were introduced to our 5 keys: have fun, play all in, make lots of mistakes, get comfortable being uncomfortable and don’t go home wondering what if.

Heading out to the park we had the opportunity to get to know each other and name our new tribes. After some initiative challenges we headed straight into the activities. Our first activities for the day where Giant Swing, Summit Window, Bush Challenge, Inflatables, Laser and The Cave.

We saw some awesome teamwork on the Bush challenge and everyone was having fun and playing all in.

Day 2 was upon us and we were introduced to setting a morning intention of “How we wanted our day to look”. With an action packed day planned ahead, we had continued on with our activities and saw people definitely living camp by our 5 keys and enjoying each other’s company. With the sun going down it was time for our epic Monster Challenge, with the teams pumped and ready to go, they set off on their lap, testing everyone’s team work and speed. After completing the lap the students were then told that they were going to be racing again, this time not trying to beat the other teams but to improve their first lap time by the most. Every single team improved their original time which is so cool! With The Monster Course all wrapped up, the night finished with a big dance party by the lake with plenty of smiles and a few tired people.

With our final day upon us, we started with reading out some GMIC’s and sharing all the impressive stuff that our friends had done. Before heading out to the park we focused on some things in life that we can be grateful for and how lucky we all are. With six new actives planned for the day we finished off camp just how we started with lots of fun and definitely not going home wondering what if. In our final rotation everyone voted for who they thought lived camp by our 5 keys. These people were rewarded with a hot lap in our army tank. Congratulations to Malachi (Happy Hamburgers), Bethany (Predators)

Venus (Survivors), Kai (Unforgettables), Remi (Extra Ordinary Campers) and Joel (14 Fantastic Fireworks). Thank you again to everyone from Maranatha who came to camp and had an epic 3 days

Cheers Cam, Timmy, Mia, Nik, Talia, Erin and Liv

Bush challenge

1st The Unforgettable's 23.06

2nd Happy Hamburgers 24.37

3rd Survivors 26.12

4th Predators 28.36

5th Extra Ordinary Campers 30.01

6th Fourteen Fantastic Fireworks 38.06

Monster course (improvement times)

1st Survivors 8.24

2nd Happy Hamburgers 7.23

3rd Predators 5.37

4th Extra Ordinary Campers 4.37

5th Fourteen Fantastic Fireworks 4.23

6th The Unforgettable’s 4.01

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