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Blue Light - Camp 1

As the little white bus and trailer rolled in on Monday morning, we welcomed our Blue Light friends to The Summit.

It was an honour to meet you all. From day one not only did you all bond as a team from the get go, you showed us throughout the three days of camp just how incredible each and every one of you are. There were for sure times you may have felt nervous and uncomfortable, or maybe thought what happens if I stuff up? However, we all learnt very quickly from our Five keys At The Summit, that it is okay to be vulnerable and put yourselves out there. If we don’t take risks and make lots of mistakes along the way, we aren't going to expand our comfort zones. So, well done to everyone who had fun and played all in. We hope from your time at The Summit you got comfortable being uncomfortable and that you were not going to be going home wondering what if.

Here are a few highlights from your days at The Summit:



  • Kee was a great leader and helped the team complete the initiative.

  • Reese was the last person on the Tiles and he made sure to pick them all up so no tile was left behind.

Key Punch:

  • Liv and Kee were both great at sharing their ideas for completing the initiative. Kee made sure everyone got their numbers and Liv suggested the idea of going in a line to avoid having so many people around the circle.


  • Kyle was convinced that he could not complete the challenge, especially the balance beam, the wall and the wire bridge but with the help of his teammates, he ended up giving everything a go. With a little help from Ete, Kyle made it across the beam and, with help from the whole team, he reached his super stretch on the wall and touched the top.

  • Emma was hesitant to participate in the Snowy River Challenge, however, she manage to give everything a go even though it was far out of her comfort zone. She made her way across the balance beam and gave the wall her best go.


  • Chelsea and Ete where super scared of Mitch, however they put their fear aside and both held Mitch on their shoulders. Well done, you two!

  • Inflatables:

  • Every single person had a good hot crack at inflatables, Emma was very persistent as she did not give up on getting up the climbing all. James and Kee were super helpful in encouraging Emma up.


  • Peta for trying The Swing even though she was terrified of heights. Glad to see you didn’t home wondering what if. Also well done to Kyle for playing all in and giving The Swing a go, even though he was pretty terrified of heights.


  • So many of you went for The Fox stepping out of your comfort zones. A BIG shout to Emma, Liv and Drae for overcoming so many fears in one activity. To see the smiles on you face when you got to the other end was priceless.

Monster Course:

  • Reece in the Mud challenge, mate, you handled every obstacle like a boss. You were always the first one ready to give a crack every obstacle

  • Drae was amazing throughout The Monster Course, where you gave every single challenge a go and smashed it! Especially on the tyre swinger, the tyre squeeze and the cargos. Even though you didn’t want to be wet in the beginning you ended up doing all the water activities. On the tyre swinger you were a bit nervous and scared of accidentally doing a split ;), however, you made it all the way to the other end! So Cool!!

  • On the tyre squeeze Jordan, James and Drae waited for each other and helped each other through.

  • Emma climbing all the way to the top of the A-frame and touching the top!

  • Kee, always encouraging everyone in her team and for always lending a helping hand.


  • For all who participated in Abseil, great job getting out of your comfort zone, especialy Liv, Ete and Kyle HOW AMAZING!!!!!!!!! Not only did you dominate this activity, you did it in style. The determination and persistence you gave this activity was epic. To see the smiles on your faces at the end of the tower is something I’ll never forget. Well done for ‘Playing All In’. Also a shout out to Kee and Justin for supporting Liv and Justin, you are both true leaders and great supporters of others. Keep up the great work!


  • As a group, the support you gave each other was incredible, you really brought to life the saying - ‘one in all in’. Regardless of how nervous or scared you were you all still gave it a go. Just think about your confidence growing… Chelsea, well done for supporting those around you. We know that in the future you will use your own supportive positivity and kick a few goals of your own.

After two and a half days of unleashing greatness, the camp was finished and each Team Member has voted for a values winner who demonstrated the five values to the best of their abilities.

Those winners where..

  • Kee - Olivia - Kyle

All the Best for the future, you all are amazing and The Summit thanks you all for coming! From, Ash Phoebe, Maddi and Talia

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