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Coburg High School

Coburg High School arrived at The Summit on a cool and windy day with around 60 students who were all full of boisterous energy and ready to take on the day. After the students were split into 5 separate groups camp was started with three rotations of activities with a wide range of challenges designed to test many different aspects of the group’s teamwork and bravery. These activities ranged from a simple game of Laser Skirmish, to our Summit Window. It involved the students putting their trust in us, coaches, and our equipment and setting themselves the challenge of climbing a pole that was over 20 meters in the air, then leaning away from it, then taking their hands off and leaving them hanging over the drop and giving them the rush of a lifetime.

Throughout the first day we got to know the group very quickly and it did not take us long to see the potential for greatness that these students possessed.

The first night of camp was finished off with an epic night of Minute to Win It, run by The Summit staff which had everybody laughing and getting along all throughout the proceedings. We got to see some amazing head shaking, balloon juggling, cup flipping, twerking and much more from the group who dove into the idea of getting comfortable being uncomfortable like pros.

On the first morning of camp the students were introduced to the idea that setting an intention for the day will help us to achieve our goals and be the person that we want to be whilst on camp. Once the group was back out in the park, we finished off the last two rotations of our first round of activities and moved onto the new ones. The new activities pushed the students even harder to step out of their comfort zones and gave them the opportunity to make as many mistakes as possible, so that they could learn valuable lessons about themselves and each other. These activities included holding a snake, walking on nails, conquering The Skybridge, “having a ball” in The Inflatable City, swinging on the largest Giant Swing in Victoria and taking a Leap of Faith off of a 12m high platform.

Once we had completed two of these new rotations, it was time to move on to our epic Monster Course that we had designed to help our teams to push themselves as hard as we could and to help them bond more as a group. After completing not one, but two laps of the track, our teams were ready for showers, a wonderful meal and a movie before resting and preparing for the final day at camp. The Monster course results were as follows:

Group 1 – 7:08 minute improvement

Group 2 – 8:32 minute improvement

Group 3 – 7:27 minute improvement

Group 4 – 9:37 minute improvement

Group 5 – 6:57 minute improvement

It was so great to see every group make such a great improvement on their first times and we, as a coaching team, were amazed by their efforts.

The final day of camp was started with a session on what we are grateful for in our lives and how we can influence the lives of those around us by sharing that gratitude. Once GMICs were shared we were able to finish off our activities and conclude the camp in high spirits. At the end of camp, the students voted for a person in their groups that stood out as people who lived by our five keys and did a really amazing job over the three days .

The people that the student nominated were Nathen, Fraiser, Pepper, Jobe and Nina. Well done guys!

Big thank to Coburg high school for an epic three days! Good luck with year 12 guys.

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