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Hoppers Crossing Year 9 Camp 2019

Not only did we welcome the hot weather this Week, we also welcomed the Year 9’s all the way from Hoppers Crossing. After a very long journey to The Summit the Year 9’s were very excited to hop off the buses and hit the park. No time was wasted. In the first rotation the groups got to come up with a team name. Each Group used their imaginations and picked wisely, I think Mr. Ridles would agree having a team named after him was very flattering

Group 1 – Ridles

Group 2 – Team SS

Group 3 – Pink Powers

The afternoon was filled with loads of fun and laughs. 3 Rotations were well under way. It was a great taster for what was to come for day Two. However the fun didn’t stop there. After dinner the year 9’s embraced our Adventurous Night Walk. After the night walk many where ready for a good nights sleep.

Tuesday was a jam packed day for the Year 9’s. Four rotations were completed (Snake and Nails, Snowy River Challenge, Sky Bridge then in the afternoon we had Leap of Faith, Cave, and The Giant Swing). After a HOT fun filled day The Year 9’s dug deep for some additional energy and completed The Monster Course. That’s where they not only ran the course Once, but TWICE. Well done to you all! It was Tremendous to see you all having so much fun. At the end of the first lap a few of the students grabbed a few handfuls of mud and shared it around ..and the MUD WAS FLYING!!! Some even painted mud lines on each other’s faces.

Wednesday Morning was here before we knew it. To kick the morning off, the Year 9’s shared a few things they where grateful for in their day to day lives - sometimes it’s the little things that go unnoticed, so it heartwarming to see students to be grateful as one big cohort. The Year 9’s showed so much Gratitude as they filled our GMIC box (Great Moments In Camp) with many things they saw others doing, that inspired them, or maybe they where Grateful / thankful for. The Summit team loved hearing what you where all Grateful for.

Hoppers Crossing Year 9’s, YOU ALL ROCK! The Summit Team wishes you all the very best for the rest of your school year. Great job “playing all in” over the past few days. You all took our 5 keys on bored and used them to the fullest.

Five keys

  1. Have Fun

  2. Play All In

  3. Make Lots Of Mistakes

  4. Get Comfortable being Uncomfortable


After three days of unleashing greatness and seeing many individuals hitting their Target-Stretch-SuperStretch, each group finished by voting for their values winner, who demonstrated the five values to the best of their abilities. Those lucky winners who stood out were:

  • From Ridles we had – Ayra

  • From Team SS we had – Taylor

  • From Pink Power we had- Isabel and Mahlaylah

Well done to you all!

Monster Times


12.01 improvement time

Team SS


Pink Power


Snowy River Challenge Times



Team SS


Pink Power


Many Thanks and Best wishes from The Summit Team, Hoppers Crossing. It was a pleasure meeting every single one of you! We hope to see you again soon.

We hope you all have a Merry Christmas, and a happy and safe New Years!

Liam, Ash and Erin J

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