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Sale College

What a great time it was when we had Sale College here, at The Summit for their end of year camp.

All the actions started off with two rotations of activities which pushed the groups outside their comfort zone with live snakes and a walk across a nail board, as well as a quick obstacle course. The later got the two groups working to complete our Snowy River Challenge in the fastest time. The day was full of examples of great courage and team work, with Jo holding a snake, even though Jo admitted to a massive fear of them. Cory and Kiera showed a great level of care, jumping into the muddy water of The Snowy River Challenge to assist their team mates across at the expense of their own dry shoes.

On the second day the two groups became three, as we moved into more awesome activities like The Skybridge, Rock Climbing Wall and The Giant Swing. After four epic rotations we moved into our Monster Course and got ready to dive head first into the mud. All of the groups did such a great job pushing each other and motivating their teammates to achieve some amazing feats. All that hard work, that they put into the course, resulted in all three teams ending the second surprise lap of the track with an improvement of at least 5 minutes for every team.

Day three, and the final day of camp, ended after two more exhilarating rotations of activities and we were sad to see Sale College leave us, but at the same time, we were happy knowing that the amazing bunch of students that came along, all managed to push themselves to new heights achieving things that most of them never thought possible.

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