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Flinders Christian College - Year 12 - Carrum Downs Campus

The Summit team was so excited to welcome back Flinders Christian College year 12’s for their final school camp before they embark on what could be one of the most important years of their life. After having come to The Summit in 2019 as year 11’s, the students had much to prove to themselves in regards to what they have learnt and how they have developed.

Camp started for the team with a late arrival due to issues with traffic, but this was not going to slow down the program and the students still gave us their best in the activities that we had planned for them. On day one the students rotated through four very different challenges which included challenging heights with The Abseil, Rock Wall and Summit Window experience and they also completed The Snowy River Challenge, which tested their teamwork skills and leadership ability.

The final times for snowy where:

Team one (Willies warriors) - 23.29

Team two (Wakanda 4 eva) - 11.24

Team three (Ethan is hot) - 27.55

Team four (Jack Duff) - 13.45

On the first night the year 12’s were introduced to the concept of belief and mindset by two of the summits finest, Matt and Maddi. The students listened to their wisdom and words of advice after which, they broke through their limiting beliefs in a practical session followed by a disco which ended the night on a high.

Day two of camp re-introduced the students to the idea and mindset behind setting an intention for what you want to get out of your day and threw them into a new set of activities which consisted of Laser Skirmish, The Giant Swing, Inflatable City and The Leap of Faith. After lunch the students participated in The House Games which were dominated by the year 12 team - Wakanda4Eva, who could not be stopped in tug of war and destroyed at Tik Tac Toe. Once the games were over it was time to begin The Monster Course.

The Monster course was built to push the students to their limits (keeping in mind - it was 35 degrees Celsius) and all of the groups pushed themselves as hard as they could. The improvement times for the groups were:

  1. 4:20

  2. 8:17

  3. N/A

  4. 6:33

After dinner the students showed us their competitive sides in our Minute to Win It challenge. This had many different stages in it and was finalized with a display of talents, where we saw one student do a standing flip, another do a death drop followed by a stunning dance routine which was hard to top. In the end Ethan is Hot were our winners!

After M2W the students were given the opportunity to have A Chocolate Moose fight which many students really got into.

On the final day the leaders from the year 12’s were given the opportunity to climb our Rockets Nest which Timmy was more very happy to set up and run for them in the early hours of the morning.

Finalising our activities with two more rotations was a struggle for some, as the week was so big and many people were feeling the weight of it. However, the students still pushed through and made it to lunch. In their final rotation the students voted for one member in each group that embodied our values and were rewarded with a lap in our WW2 army tank. The students that were voted in were: Emi from group 1, Tacora from group 2, Usman from 3 and Liam from group 4.

Good luck with year 12, guys. We hope you can remember and use the skills that you learnt from us in many ways and that you remember to have fun, play all in, make lots of mistakes, get comfortable being uncomfortable and never go home wondering what if.

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