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Flinders Christian College - Year 11 - Carrum Downs Campus

Term 1 welcomed Flinders Christian Community College to The Summit!

Straight off the buses we went into action with the introduction to the five Keys: Have Fun, Play All In, Make Lots of Mistakes, Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable and Don’t Go Home Wondering What If.

At the start we focused on the first 2 keys. No time was wasted, we went straight into our first lot of activities, Bush Challenge, Giant Swing, Laser Skirmish and Cave. After the first rotation, group numbers soon turned into awesome tribe names.

Group 1 – Stevie Wonders

Group 2 – Pebble

Group 3 – The Crabs

Group 4- Scomos

We had some lunch after our first activity, ready to hit the rest of the day full of energy, smiles and fun! With 3 more rotations for the day, the teams were coming together after each group completing Bush Challenge when students discovered that Team Work really makes the Dream work! Especially, when you have a few members of the group being blindfolded! - Very Well done too all teams! And just like that, Day 1 came to a wrap. It was a great taster for what was to come for day two.

Tuesday was welcomed with a morning intentions and those were “Who we wanted to be” and “What we wanted out of our day”. We also had our second and third keys to focus on throughout the day! We played a group game of Huckle-Buckle to get into a fun head space and got on with our epic day. Soon after we went into a new set of activities: Snake & Nails, Tash’s Ladder, Flying Fox and Summit Window. Some students really challenged themselves especially on Tash’s Ladder, some went up blindfolded, some did it one handed, some let both hand and legs go! What an incredible effort!

After lunch it was time for Tribe Challenges but first we had a quick game of Giants, Wizards, Dwarfs in the water to cool us off! Then, we got started with our games, where each group played each other in Tic Tac Toe (knots and crosses) and tug a war! After a lot of strategy, strength, laughs, and smiles we found out the real winners from year 11.

The Ultimate Champs of Tic Tac Toe: Stevie Wonders

The Ultimate Champs of Tug a war: ScoMos

We finished of the afternoon with our Epic Monster Course. It was amazing to see so many individuals push themselves outside their comfort zones, really dig deep and give it everything they could, to truly get around the team, each time pushing mighty hard. No time was wasted, we all put in 100% efforts, however, on the second lap all groups improved by a hefty amount – that deserves a MASSIVE WELL DONE!!!

Wednesday Morning rolled around quickly. We played a game of Jockeys to get us pumped up into the last activities of camp, remembering to ‘Don’t Go Home Wondering What If’ We had our last rotations of Snake & Nails, Tash’s Ladder, Flying Fox, Summit Window. Then each group got a new activity to finish camp with. Stevie Wonders with Abseil, Pebbles Rock Wall, The Crabs Scavenger Hunt, ScoMo on High Wire.

After three days of unleashing greatness, the end of camp was finished by each tribe voting for a values winner who demonstrated the five values to the best of their abilities.

Stevie Wonders – Jordan

Pebbles – Nicoletta

The Crabs – Matt

ScoMO – Agit


Bush Challenge

Stevie Wonders – 17.02

Pebbles – 29.05

The Crabs – 26.17

ScoMo – 28.11

Monster Improvement time:

Stevie Wonders – 5.16

Pebbles – 6.01

The Crabs – 4.58

ScoMo – 9.05

Many thanks and best wishes from The Summit Team, Flinders Christian Community College, it was a pleasure! See you again soon.

Trinette, Phoebe, Mia, Steph and Nik

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