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Mordialloc College

What an amazing camp it has been with the students and teachers from Mordialloc College. With the new school year only beginning one week ago, it was time for the year sevens to really bond and get to know the rest of their year level at The Summit during their three day camp.

After meeting The Summit team and groups establishing their tribe names, there was no time to waste as each of them began their camp with an initiative and then straight into their activity rotations. Each tribe got to experience 7 activities with a mixture of high, low, under ground and team building activities.

Here are some of the camp highlights from the tribe challenge activities and some honourable mentions for amazing efforts made during activities:

Hunter showed great initiative for his tribe during the photo scavenger hunt.

Jules and Ethan had some amazing skills during the two ball knock out game.

Amy from the Bruces did a great job on the monkey bars for her tribe.

Christian from Pickled Space Donkeys was so brave on the high wire, he had the whole tribe supporting him to get up, and then onto the middle of the cable to meet up with Sasha who was also a great help.

Janelle did a super human job on the belay system, almost belaying everyone up and always helping her tribe.

Snowy River Challenge: Crazy Coconuts came in 3rd with a time of 26.48, Um James came 2nd in a time of 26.36 and the winners were…..………… Sexy Saxophone in a time of 20.48. Well done to all tribes for the amazing efforts during the Snowy River Challenge.

Bush Challenge: Spice Girls came 3rd in a time of 27.46, Esh Dogs came 2nd in a time of 19.46 and the gold medal went to Miss Peasants with a smashing time of 15.33. All of these times were very fast for the bush challenge, so well done to all the tribes.

Photo Scavenger Hunt had Um James in 3rd with a score of 430 points; Sexy Saxophones in 2nd with a score of 440 points and winning this time was Kobe Cobras with a score of 510 points.

The Monster Course was the challenge that all of the tribes were talking about and the one everyone was looking forward to, here are the improvement time for each tribe:

Stranger Splats improved by 6.05, Pickled Space Donkeys by 7.30, Sexy Saxophones by 10.00, Kobe Cobras by 10.03, Miss Peasants by 10.28. Triple T’s by 11.18, The Kiwis by 11.37, um James by 12.10, 999 by 12.21, crazy coconuts by 13.37. Dancing goats by 13.58, Esh dogs by 14.39, Goodasgang came 3rd with an improvement of 14.46, The bruces came 2nd with an improvement of 15.31 and the winners…….. drum role please…… were Spice girls who improved by 17.12.

Awesome effort everyone with the amazing improvement times all round.

At the end of camp, each tribe voted for the person in their tribe who they feel lived by the five keys of Having Fun, Playing All In, Making Lots of Mistakes, Getting Comfortable Being Uncomfortable and Not Going Home Wondering What If.

Congratulations to the following people for being the values winners and rewarded with a ride in the Summit Army tank. Leila, Ben, Daniel, James, Kevin, Katie, Will, Hunter, Christian, Zac, Amy, Cooper, Kylie, Lilly, Victor and Ryan.M. All were very deserving winners.

Thank you again to all teachers, students who came to The Summit, remember to stay connected with The Summit and we look forward to seeing you again in the near future.

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