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Lakes Entrance Secondary College

On Monday, the Year 7’s from Lakes Entrance Secondary College made the epic journey to The Summit!

The students were first introduced to The Summit’s Five Keys: Have Fun, Play All In, Make Lots Of Mistakes, Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable, and, Don’t Go Home Wondering What If. The focus for the afternoon was the first two of these and the first thing the students took on, was an initiative challenge, followed by the task of coming up with their Tribe names.

The four tribes would hence forth be known as:

  1. Team Platypus

  2. Fruit Salad

  3. Jiltasaurus

  4. Lil 8ies

The goal-setting strategy Target, Stretch, Super Stretch that The Summit lives by was introduced to everyone before heading into their first lot of activities! The Year 7’s started their first rotations of Inflatables, Highwire, Snowy River Challenge, and the Giant Swing.

Snowy River Challenge Results

  1. Team Platypus – 27:05

  2. Fruit Salad – 10:36

  3. Jiltasaurus – 18:44

  4. Lil 8ies – 25:43

Day two started with the introduction of Morning Intentions and choosing the kind of day we wanted to create. After having a few moments to decide, everyone got outside and played a game of Huckle Buckle. The morning then took the groups to the two activities they hadn’t done yet and then one more rotation, powering through some new activities including Laser Skirmish, Sky Bridge, Snake & Nails and the Summit Window before lunch.

After lunch, there was time for one more rotation before it came to The Summit’s infamous Monster Course! The Monster Course had everyone running, crawling sliding, the chance to get wet, and the joy of some mud! It was really awesome watching the Tribes try their absolute best to tackle the challenges our Monster Course threw at them.


  1. Team Platypus – 1:15 improvement

  2. Fruit Salad – 5:50 improvement

  3. Jiltasaurus – 7:14 improvement

  4. Lil 8ies – 1:40 improvement

Day three started with a moment of Gratitude. A game of Jockeys was played before taking on the last two rotations of camp. Before everyone knew it, it was nearly lunch time and nearly time to go home. As everyone gathered for the last time for Camp, results were released, and a few people were identified for their awesome efforts over the last couple of days.

Values Winners

  1. Team Platypus – Cameron

  2. Fruit Salad – Joseph

  3. Jiltasaurus – Shannen

  4. Lil 8ies - Olivia

A huge thankyou to the Year 7’s, and teachers, from Lakes Entrance Secondary College!

Your Summit Coaches: Jackie, Kyle, Trinette, Paris

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