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Lauriston Girls' School

Monday lunchtime we welcomed some pretty awesome girls from Lauriston Secondary College. As the bus’s where unpacked the fun begun. To kick-start the first day of camp we explained what our 5 keys are at The Summit-

1.Have fun all in 3. Make lots of mistakes 4. Get comfortable being uncomfortable and 5. Don’t go home wondering what if. Ultimately, if they used one of these keys every day that they were at camp they would have an incredible time.

Before long the girls split into their groups. For the first three days of camp they did a bunch of activities, ranging from off the ground to under the ground navigating their way though our dark Cave, Flying Fox, Scavenger Hunt, Rock Wall, Orienteering, Bush Challenge, and Tash’s ladder - where they climbed 12 Metres in the air on a ladder and lent forward as they let go with both hands and then 1 foot…. what an adrenalin rush! On Day Two the Year 7’s had a few Epic Game Challenges. They played a Huge Human game of Naughts and Crosses and finished with the best tug of war we have ever seen here at The Summit.

Finishing in first place for both challenges we had the Blue Sizzling Smurfs.

As the days went on it was great to see all the girls push themselves outside their comfort zones using the technique we call Target, Stretch and Super Stretch, this is a tool we shared with the girls to help them get the best out of their 5 day camp. So many of the young year 7’s pushed themselves that little bit more when they felt nervous, scared or unsure. It was so cool to see so many students and teachers Unleashing their Greatness.

Every morning we met with the girls and shared what we were grateful for and what our intentions were for the rest of the day, it was great to hear what the girls wanted to make out of their days and how they intended to achieve it. Many of the girls were grateful for their family, friends and loved ones, followed by a good education and a happy and safe country to live in….. sometimes it’s the little things that go unnoticed and it was nice to see the girls becoming aware of their surroundings.

When we come from a place of good intentions and gratitude, everything seems to fall into place.

As day three rolled around the girls where getting ready for The Summit’s epic Monster Course (also known as the mud run). During the Week the girls had time to prepare for their Team Chant Challenge, the criteria for the performance was- their team name included, group participation/energy and 2 of our 5 Summit keys needed to be used as well. All categories where marked out of 10 and taking away Gold was Green Gangster Grannies, 2nd place went to the Sizzling Smurfs and in 3rd place was the White Wiggling Worms. Well done to you all!!

After the chants it was time to hit the mud, and as the tribes left in heats of two the timers started. It didn’t take long for all the groups to be back at the finish line, the rain we had had over the weekend helped the mud stick nicely to everyone and many students were completely covered in mud. As the coaches brought the girls back in, we told them they were going to do the run again!!

It was time to run again and see if they could beat there first time and every single group did just that, improving from their first lap……… well done to everyone for an awesome effort. The girls then finished off with a much-deserved dip at the end of the water slide.

Before we knew it Thursday greeted us, along with heaps of new Activities. The girls had a wide verity of activities once again, some examples: a fun game of Laser Tag, Snake & Nails, Snowy River Challenge, inflatable world, The Giant swing, Leap of Faith and The Summit Window - this involved the Girls climbing a pole over 20 metres from the ground and putting all of their trust into their coaches, as they leant back into their harnesses and then let go, with not just one but both hands, leaving them looking over the beautiful views of Gippsland and across to Mt Baw Baw.

Talk about unleashing some Greatness!

To finish off Friday strong we started out by sharing what we were grateful for in our lives then we sang and danced to a song we had been practicing during the week. From there we hit the park for the last time to finish our last 2 rotations, it was Amazing to see how far the girls had all come within their 5 days at camp. We wish you all the very best Lauriston Girls, it was an honor to have you all join us and we hope you all keep Unleashing Greatness and living by our 5 keys because they are life changing.

Have the best year!!

Values winners

1. From Sizzling Smurfs we had, both Ava C’s

2. From The Green Gangster Grannies we had, Bridget

3. From Pink Pepper Pigs we had, Ava S

4. From Purple Purps we had, Annabelle

5. From Red Simbas we had, Felicity

6. From The White Wiggling worms we had, Chloe

7. From the Yellow Yamahas we had, Chloe Mac

Well done to you all, we hope you enjoyed your hot lap in our WW2 Army Tank.

Bush Challenge Results

Sizzling Smurfs


The Green Gangster Grannies


Pink Pepper Pigs

19.17 1st PLACE

Purple Purps

20.08 2nd PLACE

Red Simbas

20.50 3rd PLACE

Whit Wiggling Worms


Yellow Yamahas


Snowy Times

Sizzling Smurfs


The Green Gangster Grannies

14.50 1st PLACE

Pink Pepper Pigs

16.41 2nd PLACE

Purple Purps

18.14 3rd PLACE

Red Simbas


Whit Wiggling Worms


Yellow Yamahas


Monster Course improvement Times

Sizzling Smurfs


The Green Gangster Grannies

12.00 2nd PLACE

Pink Pepper Pigs

13.02 1st PLACE

Purple Purps


Red Simbas


Whit Wiggling Worms


Yellow Yamahas

11.08 3rd PLACE

From The Summit Team. Ash, Maddi, Cam, Mia, Erin, Timmay, Nic, Sophie and Pat J

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