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Mount Eliza Secondary College

The Summit welcomed over 100 year 7 Students from Mt Eliza Secondary College Monday Afternoon.

Once the Year 7’s got settled into their accommodation, we then kick started the afternoon off by introducing them to The Summit’s 5 Keys. These keys ensure the students from Mt Eliza made the most out of their time at camp, as The Summit is all about unleashing greatness. Once we got the talking out of the way, it was time to go out into the park and tackle all of the awesome activities that awaited us. To start the process we played a massive group game called 50 up. The aim of the game is to keep an exercise Ball up in the air as a group for 50 or more touches.

After three attempts the end score was 68, which was a Great effort from the whole team!

The students were then broken off into 8 groups, which had to come up with Tribe names for themselves, and once they all had Epic team names, the Year 7’s had two rotations of activities. The activities were the Summit Window, which involved the students climbing a pole over 20 metres above the ground and putting all of their trust in their Summit coaches. As they leant back into their harness and then let go, with not just one but both hands, it left students looking over the beautiful views of Gippsland and Mt Baw Baw, with a 20 metre plummet below. What an adrenalin rush. It was great to see so many individuals step outside their comfort zones and push themselves further than the thought they could. Their second rotation was an epic laser skirmish battle.

From the first few hours of being with the My Eliza students it was clear to see that there was no holding them back. No challenges where to big or to small for this group.

The first night of camp was jam packed, the Year 7’s got to embrace the darkness as they took on the amazing Summit Night Walk lead by a few the Year 7 Teachers, whilst the other half of the group stayed in their tribes and played some Minuet To Win It games.

On the first morning of camp we shared a little something called setting an intention for the day. As the saying goes- “win the morning win the day”. We got the students to pick one or more words to describe what their best selves were going to look like on the first day of camp. Once they had that word we went out into the park where we played a game of Pirates- the object of the game was to follow all the commands given by the captain and if you weren’t fast enough with your movements you where eliminated. As the morning continued, we sent the students to their activities and again the Year 7’s found themselves being challenged in many ways, allowing them to break through, and out of their comfort zones. The Year 7’s from Mt Eliza found themselves on the largest Giant Swing in Victoria, they also had to find their way through a small dark cave challenge, they held our Python Mitch, did some orienteering, a team building Activity called The Snowy River Challenge and finally took a Leap of Faith off our 12 Metre Tower, aiming to hang upside down and then letting go falling upside down until they landed feet first on the mat.

Snowy River Times:

  1. 25.04

  2. 24.09 3rd PLACE

  3. 20.23 1ST PLACE

  4. 25.84

  5. 26.7

  6. 25.0

  7. 20.39 2nd PLACE

  8. 30.17

As the afternoon came to an end we finished off with our grand Monster Course- this course is designed to help our teams to push themselves as hard as they can. After they completed the first lap we got them to come back in and then told them they were running the same course… again! The reason why was because as a team it is cool to see how well we perform when we are tired, wet, sore and muddy. The second lap was timed just like the first lap, however the second lap was to see what the improvement time was compared to the fist. Every group managed to improve their times, well done to EVEYONE!

Monster Course Times

1. 3.40

2. 10.20 3rd PLACE

3. 10.24 2nd PLACE

4. 9.36

5. 9.36

6. 10.10

7. 3.10

8. 11.23 1st PLACE

Well done to every group, you all rocked it out there!!

The final day of camp was started with a session on Gratitude, we got the year 7’s to think about all the things they were grateful for in their lives and how the presents of our actions can have a positive affect on those around us. With gratitude on their radar the Year 7’s finished their last two rotations in great spirits.

At the end of camp the students were asked to vote for one person from there team who lived by The Summit’s 5 Keys:

1. Have Fun

2 Play all in

3 Make lots of mistakes

4 Get comfortable being uncomfortable

5 Don’t go home wondering what if

Congratulations to the following students who were nominated by their fellow Tribe members:

Form group Fruit loop Turtles we had: Chloe

Dare Devil Demands: Annie

I need a jumper: Ben

Tripple T’s: Oscar

Piece of Corn: Seb

Renegades: Summer

Fried Chicken Tribe: Misha

Epic Gamers: Ruben

Great job once again Mt Eliza, The Summit loved every minute of having you here.

We wish you all the very best for the rest of Year 7 and hope to see you all again soon.

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