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St Andrews Christian College

Once again The Summit was blessed to have the fantastic year 7 cohort of St Andrews Christian College for an epic 3 day experience! Cracking straight into the swing of things we laughed our way through Jumping Bob and some fun team initiatives that created 4 tribes: Invincible Goats, Team Supreme, Save The Turtles and GTs.

The first day we saw both students and teachers take on the first four activities with some impressive goals being achieved across the board.

Everyone at the Rock Wall achieved their target and showed what it meant to play all in and have tones of fun! Summer climbed ½ the wall blindfolded and then completed the over hang and topped out alongside Cylus and Chad (Ethan).

Arthur was also hands down…The best bilayer I’ve ever seen!

Marina and Krista also got their chance, proudly ringing the bell at the top of the red and yellow Rock Wall, showing everyone it doesn’t matter who you are or what your age is, you are always capable of setting goals and working hard to achieve them. They definitely couldn’t have done it without your help either, you little legends!

Oh, how we love to laugh, and laugh all day we did! Especially after starting our day all laughing together to a video and setting an intention for who we wanted to be and what our 4th of February 2020 was going to look like. Choosing to be brave, kind, encouraging, funny and courageous, you showed us you were serious when our large group game of Jockies kicked off.

The day then unfolded with a serious of fears being challenged, epic team moments and goals achieved with nothing but smiles on the dials... We, as coaches, shared some epic moments with you, like: Maya super scared on the Flying Fox but playing all in and giving it a go. Noah, Scott and Emily stretching their comfort zone, following their intention to be brave and doing the 22 m Abseil. Sam for always giving everything a red hot crack, analysing the activity and understanding its safety and complexity. And, of course, Mr Crotty bringing the funk and 'Worming' like a break dance master!

The Monster Course was twice as long as anticipated and more fun then possibly imagined. You found out what it was like to really give it your all, for yourself and your team, whilst still having all the fun. Mud flying, screams of glee and infectious smiles, running playfully is an easy way to sum up our afternoon as coaches.

Unfortunately we, coaches, missed out on the Epic games of murder in the dark, Mafia, Broom Balancing and of course a movie night with pillows, PJ’s and The Greatest Showman. But we are so glad you had a fantastic free time and made the most of every moment whilst you were here.

We are thankful for the moments though where we got to witness the Invincible Goats construct world class human pyramid with Ben, Noah, Josh and Ethan as the strong base and Sam confident on top. Your team work was impeccable! Team Supreme stacking Mr Crotty to his neck in tyres. The Rotation at Tash’s when ALL Save The Turtles got their individual super stretches. And when the GTs, Erika took on her fear of heights, kept climbing and climbing and climbing and went right to the top of the 17m high ladder!

It’s Crazy to think how much you all achieved in three days and how many games we managed to play! You truly understood what it meant to Play All In, Make Lots of Mistakes, Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable, Have Fun and Not Go Home Wondering What If! You deserved no better goodbye than seeing your classmates and values winners; Noah, Eugene, Daphne and Erika crush a car in a WWII Tank.

Thank you for coming and hanging out with us sharing your opinions and showing us what incredible things you CAN do. Be brave and bold in your first year of high school, take on your Super Stretch, what ever it may be and remember you are capable of more than you think. We hope you stay fun, groovy and forever curious about the size of your comfort zone…challenge the impossible and keep unleashing your greatness!



The GTs 14.37

Invisible Goats 19.51

Team Supreme 25.54

Save The Turtles 32.45


The GTs 820

Invisible Goats 630

Team Supreme 760

Save The Turtles 760


The GTs 6.52

Invisible Goats 3.22

Team Supreme 3.43

Save The Turtles 7.22

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